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Details: The Community College General Education Association Conference Proceedings ( New York New York November 2-3 1989). Community Coll. General Education Association Utica N Y. This conference addressed the themes of faculty development in the liberal arts and business careers; class race ethnicity and gender; the canon and conflict of change David Lotimer Counsel and Project Manager at Lotek Wireless Inc. Canada Details: Biden a longtime educator who works as a community college professor has largely focused her campaigning on education. During her keynote address at the Democratic National Convention Biden...

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Science Foundations (7 Credit Hours) P H Y 2048 C - General Physics Using Calculus I Credit Hours: 4 ( Suggested) Select one class from Science Foundations Credit Hours: 3 Department education federal student loan All Education B A/ B S Option (6 Credit Hours)...

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Noble and Greenough School o Critical Race Training in Religion and Cultural Studies is a B. A. program designed to familiarize students with religious traditions around the world from ancient through contemporary cultures as well as to introduce students to critical theories and methods through which to view and analyze the category of religion and its associated concepts practices and meanings in all areas of life. The program emphasizes the academic study of religion and does not privilege any particular tradition or belief. Details: Teach abroad in an international school! T I E Online lists hundreds of international teaching jobs from top overseas schools around the world. Let T I E be your path to an international school career. Preparing to Move Abroad For The First Time Making the decision to live abroad whether for work or for study is a huge and life changing...

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