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Artificial Intelligence solutions become an inseparable part of our lives driving demand on the job market for A I specialists. Gartner included A I in its top strategic technology trends for 2021; according to Forbes 84% of global business organisations believe that A I will gi Core Requirements: Advanced Level (15 Credit Hours) Property development Courses Training in East Midlands...

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Plymouth Marjon University Ensure equal academic treatment and services for home students and staff and incoming mobile participants Offer holders will be notified on U C A S by January 2021 if they have been awarded a President's Undergraduate Scholarships....

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Transport and Logistics Diploma in Logistics Supply Chain Management Q L S Level 5. Additional C P D Accredited Transport and Logistics Certificate with 30 C P D points available without extra study. This Transport and Logistics course comes with easy to understand e-lear Prospects is part of Jisc. Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice...

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