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Get to know others who are planning on starting postgraduate courses at Derby. We're happy to give you advice and help you prepare your application. Join our Postgraduate Facebook Group Join our Postgraduate Facebook Group Level 3 Hub Central Course bundle Expression Blend Let Dante get you up and running with a video tour of Layouts and Controls in Expression Blend and then delve deeper into interface design interactivity. Discover cool ways to create an animation and interact with 3 D objects with Next L...

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A key challenge for the development of aerospace systems is the need to be as lightweight as possible yet highly reliable. Aerospace engineers need to understand and control the response of aerospace structures to complex interactions using a broad range of technologies. Students can focus on design and high-performance materials or concentrate on the control of complex interacting aerospace systems. Oil Gas Sector Modelling 02 MA Valuation of Noble Energy Rosetta Resources C A M P U S T O U R S: F R I D A Y 30 J U L Y 10 A M 11.30 A M 2 P M & 3.15 P M...

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Applicants to these courses who have had contact with M R S A in the previous 6 months may be asked to provide evidence that they are not colonised by submitting negative swabs results prior to commencement of training. Alternatively they may be screened on commencement of the programme. Post Doctoral Programs Manufacturing (59)...

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