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Yorkshire and Humberside Some biology courses have an integrated Masters allowing you to complete a Masters degree during an additional year. Microsoft Word remains one of the most popular business tools and rightly so. Businesses around the world continue to rely on Word as their go-to for word processing. Yet Microsoft Word training often takes a back seat. The big secret about Microsoft Word is that using it the...

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Foundations Module Seven Reaching a Decision Point Reaching a Decision Point Reaching a Decision Point Case Study These program plans are applicable to new students. Current students should refer to the program handbook to access the plan relevant to the year they commenced. 2021 Program Plan U O N S 160.5 K B 2021 Semester 2 Program Plan 185.6 K B 2021 Semester 1 Program Plan 185.7 K B...

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Brunel University London offers a range of services for international students that aim to assist them with their academic personal and social life whilst at the University. Brunel International is a key contact point for all international students with over 40 members of staff in various departments able to supplement general academic support. Completing these courses by November 2021 you will be ready to turn your passion into a career. 41 Tuples...

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