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15 hours per week of independent study (i.e. on research Additional practice on practical skills and completing assignments). G C S E English and maths at A to C (or equivalent) and a U C A S Tariff score of 48-64 from a full Level 3 qualification such as B T E C A Level Metro on Central Certificate in Headphone Selection C P D I A P Accredited...

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Recent graduates of the Department have become: Graduate Engineering Geologist Mott Mac Donald Risk Consultant K P M G Trainee Field Geophysicist Oilfield services provider Spatial Data Infrastructure team Global I T and business consulting service Research Assistant National museum I T I L 4 Foundation (Birmingham) A grade of " C-"(1.75) or better is required. E D G 2000 - Careers in K-12 Education Credit Hours: 3 E N L 2022 - English Literature I I Credit Hours: 3 Select One: E D F 2130 - Child and Adolescent Development for Educators Credit Hours: 3 E D P 2270 - Adult Development & Learning Credit Hours: 3 Core Requirements: Advanced Level (69 Credit Hours) A grade of " C-"(1.75) or better is required....

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Beauty Therapy Unit Certificate With Study materials tutor support and exam included Jobs directly related to your degree include: Academic researcher Animal nutritionist Ecologist Environmental consultant Environmental education officer Higher education lecturer Marine scientist Nature conservation officer Science writer Zookeeper Zoologist Tattoo...

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