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Details: Secondary Education Program Coordinators. Art Desy Schoenewies W H 318 (605) 642-6104 edu Biology Charles Lamb S B 122 (605) 642-6026 edu English Andrey Reznikov M H 316 (605) 642-6249 edu History Language Arts Social Work ( B S W) Chemical education All Education...

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Close Administration and support services Overview Careers Service About us Supporting you The Careers Service during C O V I D-19 Information for students and alumni during C O V I D-19 Information for employers during C O V I D-19 Diversity and inclusion Support for students with disabilities Equality and diversity Get that job Services for students First Year Zone Master's students Doctoral students ( Ph Ds) Services for alumni Recent graduates Experienced graduates How to support current students Register for access Graduate Outcomes Services for Imperial staff Offer holders Jobs Live Book an appointment Careers Library Exclusive online resources Publications Goin Global Our team Departmental Careers Advisers ( D C As) Careers Service sponsors Careers Service policies You said ... We did Contact us Plan your career Timescales What can I do with my degree? Self reflection How to research job sectors and occupations Further study and funding Taking a year out Finding year out opportunities Starting a business What do Imperial graduates do? Undergraduates Postgraduates Jobs and experience Job hunting advice The hidden job market Work experience Industrial placements Work experience F A Qs Volunteering Exclusive Opportunities Professional Project Fund Work Shadowing S M E Graduate Internship Fund Engage with Alum Ask an Alum Alumni Mentoring Scheme Working outside the U K International students Competitions and awards What's on Skills training and workshops Careers Fairs Employer events Careers Forums Focus On... Sector Weeks Networking Applications and interviews Writing an effective C V Cover letters Application forms Personal statements Psychometric tests Assessment centres Presentations Interviews Types of interview Interview questions Interview feedback Case study activities Referees and references Evaluating job offers Information for employers Why Imperial? Recruit Imperial students Register with us Advertising your opportunities Targeted emails Events Large scale recruitment events Careers Fairs Online Careers Fair F A Qs Webinars Small scale recruitment events Recruiter in Residence Promoting diversity and inclusion Develop our students Themed weeks Competitions and business challenges Getting into Talks Employer Led Skills Workshops Ask an Alum Alumni Mentoring Scheme S M E Graduate Internship Fund Work Shadowing Work with us Becoming a patron Advertising and sponsorship opportunities Contact us Sign in to Jobs Live Central Secretariat College Governance Governance Structure Council About Council Powers and Function Composition and Membership Meeting dates and minutes Council committees Audit and Risk Committee Finance Committee Nominations Committee Remuneration Committee Remuneration Committee F A Qs Endowment Board Property Committee Court About Court Powers and Function Composition and Membership Meeting dates and minutes Senate President's Board Provost's Board Operations Committee Information Governance Steering Group Health & Safety Consultative Committee About the Health & Safety Consultative Committee Meeting dates and minutes Health Safety and Environment Committee Meeting dates and minutes Charitable Status The College Mace Charters Statutes Ordinances and Regulations Charter and Statutes Ordinances Governance Academic Finance Staff Students The Endowment Board Policies Regulations and Codes of Practice Use of Animals in Research College Dress Code Data Quality Policy Fitness to Practise Freedom of Speech Use of the Queen's Tower Naming Policy Use of Animals in Research (information for staff) Information Security Information Security Policy Conditions of Use of I T Resources Information Security Codes of Practice Information Governance Policy Framework Classified Research and Classified Materials Mobile Devices Policy Student Disciplinary Procedure Working Group Information Governance Information Governance Policy Framework Data protection Our policy Codes of practice Code of practice 1 - Handling of personal data Code of practice 2 - Handling of patient data Code of practice 3 - Access to personal data by subjects Code of practice 4 - C C T V Code of practice 5 - Information Asset Register G D P R Processing personal data Sharing personal data Data retention Marketing Marketing calls Electronic marketing Existing mailing lists Research data Defining research Processing personal data for research (primary) Processing personal data for research (secondary) Requests to destroy data What to tell research data subjects Transferring research data abroad Profiling Public health research Privacy notices Data protection impact assessments Internal guidance Templates Toolkits F A Qs Guide 1 - E-mail Guide 2 - Exam records Guide 3 - Introduction to G D P R Guide 4 - Research Guide 5 - Data retention Guide 6 - Student use of data Guide 7 - References Guide 8 - Disclosure of student data Guide 9 - Disclosure of staff data Guide 10 - Use of data for College purposes Guide 11 - Use of photography and video Guide 12 - Individual Rights External guidance Guidance from the I C O Article 29 Working Party Medical research guidance Training Brexit Contact us Freedom of Information The policy Codes of practice Client confidentiality Publication scheme Publication Scheme 2009: General Information Class 1 - Who we are and what we do Class 2 - What we spend and how we spend it Class 3 - What our priorities are and how we are doing Class 4 - How we make decisions Class 5 - Our policies and procedures Class 6 - Lists and registers Class 7 - The services we offer Datasets Frequently asked questions Information Governance Steering Group Information for staff Acronyms College Building Blocks College Notices 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 Committee Servicing Guidelines College Contact Lists Heads of Department Principal officers and their assistants College Organisation Charts About the Secretariat What we do Corporate Records Unit Copyright Copyright Licensing Agency Newspaper Licensing Agency Educational Recording Agency Legal Services Office Data Protection Imperial College Trust Apply to the General Fund The Harlington Trust Apply for a Harlington Grant Internal audit Ethics Background to the Development of the Ethics Code Policies and Procedures with Ethical Relevance Freedom of Information Conflict of Interest Prevent Referral of Concerns College Secretary Contact us Centre for Languages Culture and Communication Imperial Horizons Why Horizons? Module options 1st Year Undergraduates 2nd Year Undergraduates 3rd & 4th Year Undergraduates 4th & 5th Year Undergraduates (6 & 7.5 E C T S) Fields of study Information events Enrolment Taking a module for credit Module options by department Manage your module Dates for your diary Handbooks and documents Data privacy & your responsibilities Disability Side Bar Student representatives Meet your Reps Withdrawal Exams and assessment Sample papers Side Bar Results Side Bar Frequently asked questions Contact us C L C C Charmian Brinson Honorary Lecture Languages Imperial Horizons Evening Classes Degrees with Language for Science B Sc ( Hons) degrees in Life Sciences with French for Science B Sc ( Hons) degrees in Life Sciences with German for Science B Sc ( Hons) degrees in Life Sciences with Spanish for Science M Sci degrees in Chemistry with French for Science M Sci degrees in Chemistry with German for Science M Sci degrees in Chemistry with Spanish for Science Year in Europe Chemistry with Research Abroad Culture Essay guidelines Language Assessment Guidelines Language Pairs Language Pairs Form Postgraduate Research Publications Grammar Booklet Language Statement Translation Directory Contact us Science Communication Unit M Sc Programme M Sc Science Communication Term one Term two Term three Summer vacation period M Sc Science Media Production Term one Term two Term three Summer vacation period Student handbook Funding Student Work Apply Funding Research People/ Contact Why study with us? Horizons Bespoke Adult Education Classes Courses starting in October October 2021 Course List Arabic British Sign Language 1 ( Beginners) British Sign Language 2 ( Near Beginners) Chinese ( Mandarin) English Conversation for Non- Native Speakers French French Conversation (daytime) German German Conversation (daytime) Italian Italian Beginners (daytime) Italian Conversation (daytime) Japanese Korean Portuguese ( Brazilian) Russian Spanish Art Class: Drawing and Painting from Nature Art Class: Drawing Together Creative Writing: The Chaos of Writing (daytime) Creative Writing: Poetry and Prose (evening) Cultural Contexts in Arts and Design Film Studies: Exploring Silent Cinema Film Studies: Introduction to Film Focus on Italy: Culture History and Enterprise Garden History: Italian Renaissance Gardens History: Europe s 20th Century: The Age of Extremes Life in Shakespeare s London Music: Close Encounters with the E C O Music: Discovering Classical Music (morning online) Music: Discovering Classical Music (evening online) Music: Discovering Opera (online) Music: Discovering Opera (classroom) Music Technology for Beginners Philosophy: Lunchtime Philosophy (online) Philosophy: Lunchtime Philosophy (classroom) Philosophy: Philosophy and the Arts (classroom) Philosophy: Themes in the Philosophy of Art Photography: Practice and Theory (online) Photography: Practice and Theory (classroom) Science Fiction in Art Literature and Film (classroom) Spellbound: A Social History of Magic The Graduate School Lectures in association with the C L C C The Human Body - In Sickness and in Health The Pilgrims' Way: Art Architecture and Literature of Pilgrims and Crusaders Understanding Art: Women in Art: A Feminist History of Art Understanding Art: African Art - Modern and Contemporary Understanding Art: An Introduction to Western European Art Understanding Art: Contemporary Art in Southeast Asia Understanding Art: Greek and Roman Mythology in Art Understanding Art: Modern Art from Impressionism to Pop (online) Understanding Art: Modern Art from Impressionism to Pop (classroom) Understanding Art: The Story of the Fine and Decorative Arts Understanding Psychotherapy: A Social History of the Mind Understanding Science: An Introduction to Science Understanding Science: The Brain - Neuroscience Psychiatry and Psychology Fees and Enrolment Friends and Family Scheme Terms & Conditions How to find us Frequently Asked Questions Join Our Mailing List Courses starting in January January 2021 Courses List British Sign Language 2 ( Near Beginners) German Conversation ( Daytime) Art Class: Drawing and Painting from Nature Art Class: Drawing Together Creative Writing: Short Story Writing Introducing Cultural Studies Introduction to Film Forms and Analysis Philosophy: Introduction to Western Philosophy Philosophy: Lunchtime Philosophy ( Daytime) The Story of Design: From William Morris to Jony Ive Understanding Psychotherapy: Through the Psychotherapists' Eyes Understanding Art: 10 Great Artists Women in Art: A Feminist History of Art Fees & Enrolment Terms & Conditions How to find us Frequently Asked Questions Join Our Mailing List Summer School Summer School 2021 Courses List Chinese ( Mandarin) Beginners German Beginners Plus Art Class: Drawing and Painting from Nature ( West Norwood) Art Class: Drawing Together Art History: Public Statues of London (walking tour) Art History: The Buildings of London (walking tour) The Joy of Art: 5 Great Artists Photography and the Street Fees & Enrolment Terms & Conditions How to find us Frequently Asked Questions Join Our Mailing List How to find us Contact us Join Our Mailing List C L C C Charmian Brinson Honorary Lecture C L C C Research Seminars Research Seminar Recordings C L C C Foyer Gallery Atensión! Information for Staff History Contact us College Archives and Corporate Records Unit College Archives Archive Catalogues Information Compendium Images of Imperial College Through Time Buildings: A Work in Progress... Students Imperial College Anniversaries The Queen's Tower H. G. Wells - The Time Machine (1895) Records Management Managing Your Records College Treasures Information and Communication Technologies Contact the I C T Service Desk I C T Service Desk out of hours support I C T Customer Charter I C T Apple Tech Bar Self service Connect and communicate Office 365 Access Office 365 Features One Drive for Business Use Office 365 to collaborate Apps One Drive for Business Microsoft Teams Planner Forms Yammer Power B I Share Point Training and support Training sessions How is Office 365 being used across the College? Email How-to guides Setting up and using email Instructions for setting up your email client Sharing calendars resources and roles Creating a shared calendar Accessing a shared calendar or a folder belonging to another user or resource Adding a shared or role email account Email safety Email forwarding and automatic replies Automated email sending services How to create and manage a distribution or mailing list Exchange distribution lists Mailman Create an Outlook group Backing up and recovering emails Archiving emails F A Qs User accounts and passwords College Identifiers ( C I Ds) College account set up Activate your college account Manage your account Change or reset a password Wi Fi and networks Access the wireless ( Wi Fi) network Imperial- W P A: College members eduroam Access the wired network Register a device on the Halls of Residence network Network blocks and bans Network infrastructure Accessing services when off campus Remotely access my College computer Wake my P C Remote desktop access for students Windows Virtual Desktop Virtual private network ( V P N) Provide V P N access to external contractors Library Journals Stay secure when working off campus Internet censorship and access to software in other countries Guidance for those working from China Effective remote working Stay secure when working remotely Sharing and collaboration tools Share Point Wikis Box Cloud Content Management Teams Zoom Accessing Zoom Zoom Meetings Changes to P M I ( Personal meeting I D) Breakout rooms Webinars and large meetings Recording Zoom meetings Zoom student user guide When to use Zoom or Teams Yammer Sharing large files Shared group space Docu Sign (create and send electronic agreements) Saving my files One Drive for Business Home directory ( H: drive) File sync recovery and backup Research data store Tips and tricks Hosting and storage Databases Servers Terms and conditions for virtual servers Websites Hosting secure or sensitive systems and data Telephones and mobile Use the College telephones Telephony self-service tool Voicemail Update details on the College Directory Conference calls Staff mobiles Place a telecoms order Report a telecoms fault Computers and printing Campus computers Staff computers Windows 10 Benefits of Windows 10 Upgrade to Windows 10 Windows 10 F A Qs and support Printing photocopying and scanning Print scan and photocopy documents Install print drivers Printing costs Pay for printing and photocopying Using printers without touch card readers Access the mobile printing portal Check print credit balance F A Q: Printing Get devices and software Buy computers and devices Get software Get software for students Get software for staff Software Hub Register for a download in the Software Store Academia Conditions of Use of I T Resources Research support Research Computing Service Meet the team Governance structure Support Getting started Using S S H Data Management Applications Applications Abaqus Conda Jupyter Paraview Remote Visualisation Python R including Bioconductor Tensorflow Vis It Visualisation Attend a clinic Help Further documentation Research Software Engineering Case studies Training Computing Job sizing guidance High- Throughput High- End Large Memory G P U Array jobs Job Dependencies Secure processing of sensitive data Express Access Request access Data Repository Impact Success Stories Tell us your story Citing the Service Grant Funding Research Data Store Organising your data Comparing R D S to other storage options Transferring data to other sites with Globus Archiving data in the R D S Networking Virtual servers for research groups ( Private Cloud) Management of research data and code Research support systems Git Hub Working With Git Working with Git Hub Enterprise Frequently asked questions Research grants ( I C I S) Publications portfolio ( Symplectic Elements) Digital archive for research documents ( Spiral) Online Research Facilities Directory Imperial College Analytics ( I C A) Contact the Research Office Contact the Library Access I C I S Access Symplectic Elements Access Spiral Digital Repository Access Research Facilities Directory Contact the I C T Service Desk Professional Web Page ( P W P) Costing a Research Proposal Administrative systems Imperial College Information Systems ( I C I S) Access I C I S Access I C I S remotely Request access to I C I S modules Finance module Grants module H R module Purchasing module Student System ( Banner) C I D generator Payroll module Long-term visitor or contractor (contingent worker) Set up contingent workers in I C I S Register new contingent workers in I C I S Reporting tools for I C I S I C I S training I C I S support contacts Using I C I S forms Internet Explorer 11 Firefox Google Chrome Microsoft Edge ( Windows 10 only) Login to I C I S Login to I C I S remotely Request access to I C I S modules via I C I S Authorisation Login to the C I D generator Contact the I C T Service Desk F A Q: Logging in to I C I S F A Q: I C I S Authorisation Contact the Research Office Contact the Finance Office Contact H R I C I S Support Contact the Purchasing Help Desk Contact Registry Student System ( Banner) Report a technical problem with Student System ( Banner): contact the I C T Service Desk My Imperial Business Analytics Business Analytics Services Business Analytics Tools Imperial College Analytics ( I C A) Microsoft Power B I Discoverer Business Analytics Super Users F A Qs Teaching and learning Remote teaching tools Remote exams support service Panopto ( Lecture recording) Panopto student user guide Panopto staff user guide Create a recording Manage and edit recordings Uploading content to Panopto Install Panopto Personal Recorder Schedule a recording Share and manage Panopto folders Share recordings with external audiences Banner integration Panopto Capture Add Captions to Panopto ( A S R and Verbit) Panopto mobile app Panopto quick start guide Panopto accessibility statement Blackboard Learn ( Virtual Learning Environment) Log in to Blackboard Learn Blackboard student user guide Blackboard Ally for students Blackboard staff user guide Courses Create content Enrol users Communicate with students Blackboard assignments Adding Panopto content Microsoft Teams integration Blackboard Ally for staff Create M A T L A B coding problems in Blackboard Blackboard apps Request an extension to Blackboard Learn Blackboard accessibility statement Turnitin ( Text matching software) Turnitin (for students) Submit an assignment View my Grades Access My Similarity Reports Turnitin (for staff) Access Turnitin Create an assignment Grade a Turnitin assignment Check Similarity Use Peermark Turnitin accessibility statement Mentimeter ( Real-time polling) Mentimeter accessibility statement Microsoft Teams ( For Teaching and Learning) Creating and managing a Team Adding staff and students to a Team Add content to your Team Setting up meetings in Teams Breakout Rooms in Teams Teams for Students Microsoft Teams ( Office 365) Banner Integration to Teams Web P A ( Peer assessment) Web P A accessibility statement Möbius Assessment ( Mathematics tool) Möbius accessibility statement Piazza ( Q& A tool) Starfish ( Welfare and academic support) How-to guides and support Glossary of terms Starfish representatives Terms of use and Data protection Ed Discussion Ed Discussion accessibility statement Audio visual and lecture theatre support Teaching spaces with Panopto Rooms supported by the A V team Purchase A V equipment Digital Education team Digital Education Policies E-learning services F A Q's and Known Issues Be Secure ( I T Security) Passwords and extra security Passwords Multi-factor authentication App Passwords Installing updates and antivirus Upgrading your mac O S Keep your files and data safe Cloud apps e.g. Eventbrite Zoom Wufoo Doodle Slack Eventbrite Guidance Zoom Guidance Spam phishing and malware Report message add-in Spam quarantine Web Filtering Fake websites Keeping mobiles and tablets protected Wipe a mobile device remotely using College's Active Sync Encrypt and protect your data Symantec File Share Encryption Bitkey Recovery ( M B A M) Encrypt data stored in the cloud Encrypt emails (digital signature) Information Systems Security Policies Information Security Awareness training Contact I C T Security My A S K account Training and resources Laptop surgery Gartner I T strategy resources Survey software ( Qualtrics) Microsoft Office 365 Linked In Learning I C T training room Inclusive Technology Organisation and time management Writing planning and proofreading Reading Note taking Research and referencing Revision Procrastination and stress management Live Webinars Training and support About I C T Reshaping our future White Paper and Consultation Job Descriptions Green Paper and Feedback I C T staff leavers I C T staff only I C T Assemble ( Staff Group) Guidance on lone working What does I C T do? Leadership and organisational structure Chief Information Officer ( C I O) Technology Office Products Research Computing Services Infrastructure and Shared Services Service Operations Business Operations I C T Strategic Plan Governance Our Certifications I C T Customer Charter Smart Working at Imperial Smart Working toolkit Guiding principles for Smart Working Smart working mythbusters A 7-step approach to deciding the where and when of work Essentials of smart working culture Smart working for managers Business Case for Smart Working Top Tips for Managers: Having conversations around Smart Working Key management behaviours and skills Taking Forward Smart People Skills Building Team Cohesion Rethinking meetings and flexible collaboration Key Principles for Managing By Results Rethinking face-to-face meetings A segmentation of types of work form management by results Dealing with Anticipated Problems and Issues Top Tips for Managing Smart Working Teams Smart working for teams Developing Smart Working Team Agreements Could I work Smarter in my Role? Thinking about yourself and your work The 8 habits of high performing smart workers Working in a Smart Working Team Smart working guidance Enabling Smart Working Desk usage Office Etiquette The Kitchen and the Cafeteria Storage Meeting and Collaboration Areas Additional information Process Architecture Nimbus B P M S Contact us Nimbus Troubleshooting F A Q Key service availability New to Imperial I C T resources for new staff I C T resources for new students Get online Activate your College account My learning Software for your course Visitors and guests About guest accounts Create a guest account Create conference guest accounts Access the Guest Account system Contact the I C T Service Desk if you have problems with Guest accounts Accessing I C T resources remotely International Relations Office International Partnerships Connecting Imperial academics International student mobility Contact us Legal Services Office What we do Legal proceedings Imperial and external lawyers Niche advice and services Non-college matters Frequently asked questions Our Team Find resources Understanding preliminary agreements Consultancy agreements Library Services Contact us General enquiries and queries about your library account Your librarian Business Engineering Natural Sciences Medicine and Biomedical Sciences N H S Imperial Horizons Languages Education and Teaching Science Communication Institutes and Centres Professional Services and non-academic staff Acquisitions Services Details: 1.5 Importance of Geography in School education 1.6 Aims & Objectives of Geography teaching 1.0 Objectives After going through the topic the learner will able to --- To understand the meaning concept and scope of Geography teaching To develop an understanding of the importance of Geography in school education geography skills for life pdf Financial aid available2828 already enrolled...

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