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= Tergeson =

This 60 credit module is designed for all full-time postgraduate programmes within the Faculty of Engineering and Environment and provides you with the opportunity to undertake a Live Project (including the possibility of live research project work with staff). for one semester as part of your programme. This experience gives you the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge acquired during the taught part of your programme and to acquire new skills and knowledge in an alternative learning environment. Specific learning will be defined in a personal learning contract. In years three and four you will begin to tailor the course to your interests by choosing from a selection of optional modules on specialist topics. This gives you the chance to focus on the areas of aeronautical engineering that interest you the most and tap into cutting-edge research activities being undertaken by internationally recognised experts within the Department. Personal Development Mindfulness What is Masterminding?...

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= Brasfield =

Imperial and the European Union Allied to this will be an evolving selection of investigational laboratory sessions aimed at illustrating concepts of the lecture programme and developing both higher level practical and academic skills. You will also learn and reflect upon the fact that skills and techniques developed previously in the programme and in another contexts can translate into new areas. Example experiments include investigations into: Candidates shall demonstrate their abilities for independent study in a dissertation representing original research or creative scholarship. A prospectus for the dissertation must be completed and approved by the readers the director of graduate studies and the department chair/program director. Candidates must undergo a final oral examination in which they defend their dissertation as a valuable contribution to knowledge in their field and demonstrate a mastery of their field of specialization in relation to their dissertation. All portions of the dissertation and final oral examination must be completed as outlined in the G R S General Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree and the Graduate Student Handbook....

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= Caradog =

Excellent benefits and facilities This the first and only degree to contain U N co-certification in the use of tools and frameworks central to resilience building and achieving sustainable development. Our expertise...

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