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Algorithmic systems A I machine learning and other data-driven technologies are transforming society. They are having wide-ranging effects including some benefits but they are far from straightforward. Their use results in harms as well as benefits and algorithmic systems and A I feed into and are fed into by inequalities. This module critically interrogates claims that A I automation and algorithms will simply lead to a better society. It explores the negative effects of related change and the ways in which algorithmic and A I systems are not experienced equally by all. It reviews theoretical literature on A I-in-society and on algorithmic culture and focuses on high profile accounts of their social consequences for example in education welfare social care big tech and the media. A huge variety of regular events happen on weekly and monthly schedules. You'll be required to take a minimum number of credits within both departments each year but how you choose to divide your modules after this is up to you split your modules evenly between English and modern languages and cultures or choose to weight your degree in favour of one subject or the other....

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The examination must be taken before the end of the second semester of residence. The language will be determined by the faculty advisor and approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. Our staff within the Entrepreneurship Innovation and Indicative annual fees are based on a full year full time load (80 units). Find out more about fees English proficiency I E L T S overall minimum - 6.0 I E L T S section minimum - 6.0 Find out more about I E L T S. C R I C O S Code C R I C O S code: 093508 B Program Code40093 Selection Rank 85.0094.95 ( Median S R) Entry requirements...

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Workplace Essentials Bullying Harassment Violence and Hygiene Training Bundle 5 Certificate Courses R R P 1345 Now Only 299 For a Limited Time work Specialised A C C A Strategic Paper Distance Learning...

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