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Sunil Heer Select One: M U L 2010 - Enjoyment of Music Credit Hours: 3 ( Preferred) T H E 2000 - Theatre Survey Credit Hours: 3 ( Preferred) P H I 2010 - Introduction to Philosophy Credit Hours: 3 ( Preferred) Pilates Instructor...

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Students who change degree programs and select this major must adopt the most current catalog. Students wanting to major in real estate must meet admission requirements for the major. Any student receiving a business degree must complete a minimum of 30 of the 60 upper level business credit hours for their degree program in the U C F College of Business Administration. Additionally 12 of the 30 credit hours completed at U C F must be from the department or school in which the student majors. For students seeking a double major within the College of Business a maximum of 6 hours of Required Courses for the Major or Restricted Electives may count towards another business major. A maximum of 6 hours of Core Requirements or Restricted Electives may count towards another degree program or minor. Students in the Real Estate major must maintain a 2.0 or higher cumulative Grade Point Average in all major courses taken at U C F and a 2.0 or higher cumulative G P A in all College of Business courses taken at U C F. Failure to maintain the required G P As will result in the student being placed on Lack of Progress in the major and/or College. If a student on Lack of Progress fails to achieve the minimum required G P A in the subsequent term of enrollment the student will be dismissed from the Real Estate major and/or College of Business. A student who is dismissed may seek consideration for re-admittance into the College or major by submitting a letter indicating the reasons for academic difficulties and positive plans for achieving the required G P A. Readmission is not automatic or guaranteed and as an exception to College policy is rarely granted. Students majoring in Real Estate must earn a grade of " C" or better in F I N 3403 and each course applied towards the major. This includes all courses under Common Program Prerequisites ( C P P) Core Requirements: Required Courses for Major and Restricted and Business Electives listed below. This does not include Core Requirements: Primary Core Secondary Core or Capstone requirements listed below. In this module you will critically explore how physiotherapy can support changing needs across the life course to promote health and well-being. The life course approach to health encourages us to consider not only what is impacting on a person at a particular point in time but also the need to consider past experience and plan for future needs. The focus will be on inclusive person centred practice and our role in advocating for the people we work with. Person centred care is central to contemporary health policy and in this module you will critically consider how we achieve this in different contexts. You will be encouraged to engage with theoretical frameworks of person centred life course approach to health and consider their application to physiotherapy. You will integrate this theoretical understanding with application to specific areas of physiotherapy practice including mental health learning disability paediatrics and care of older adults. Military institutes host ?Belt and Road?training event...

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This course teaches you the entire C programming language from start to finish. Upon completing this course practice the skills learned over and over again to become an expert. Sustainability Energy and Environmental Management ( M S E E M) We place politics in a broad setting looking beyond Westminster and Washington to both the global and hyperlocal...

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