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Proficiency equivalent to two semesters of college instruction in a foreign language (taught by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures or Judaic Studies) or in American Sign Language ( A S L). Standardized examinations for foreign languages may be used. A S L proficiency is met by successful completion of A S L 2140 and A S L 2150 or an appropriate score on the A S L proficiency exam. Contact the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders ( regarding the A S L proficiency examination. Consult with the N S C M advising staff to understand how choosing A S L might impact hours needed to graduate. 8 hours ago 1. Coursera. The world's largest platform for online courses from universities and other institutions. Some courses have already exceeded one million enrolled learners. For companies Coursera for Business offers access to their professional learning portal. L M S integration is available upon request. You can compile courses for your employees yourself or with the help of Coursera experts. 2. Direct entry into the M D R S D program (80 units) is available for applicants who have:a three year bachelor degree and five years' work experience in a role that is deemed to be disaster-relevant; ora four year honours bachelor degree or a three year bachelor degree plus a relevant graduate certificate or graduate diploma...

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Iwatch Training For Contractors 2021 Junior Year - Fall (16 Credit Hours) P C B 3703 C - Human Physiology Credit Hours: 4 P E T 3125 - Fitness and Weight Management Credit Hours: 3 P E T 3361 - Nutrition and Metabolism in Kinesiology Credit Hours: 3 P E T 4050 C - Motor Development and Learning Credit Hours: 3 P E T 4088 - Physical Activity & Preventive Medicine Credit Hours: 3 Quickstart -

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