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The Court includes representatives from many sections of the local and national community as well as the University’s principal officers ex officio elected representatives of staff and students and graduates of the University. The Court is chaired by the Chancellor and at its annual meeting an annual review of the University and the Annual Accounts (is) presented. . The membership and business of the Court is prescribed in Ordinance 9. Further courses may be required for certain disciplines. For example candidates in biblical studies may be expected to have at least one year of Hebrew or Greek before admission or to include it in their course of study and receive one-half the credit for the number of hours. Open Firefox...

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General Anthropology Chatham Train Station (c) Georgia Institute of Technology Login Soft Skills for Engineering Teams Coursera...

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B L A C K F R I D A Y Microsoft Excel Intermediate Fast Track video course Give your students access to top courses and job-relevant skills 34 Endcliffe Crescent...

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