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Northumbria University staff who are trained to receive and respond to reported concerns and or allegations of abuse or neglect and to make external referrals if required. Our D S Os are located in areas most likely to deal with under 18s and vulnerable adults on a regular basis including Student Life and Wellbeing Student Recruitment and Sport with additional D S Os located in Governance Services. The current list of D S Os is available here. 1 R E D 4942 M A E 4326 and E E X 4070 are taken concurrently with E D E 3942 - Internship I. Students should not plan to take additional courses with Internship I block because of the intensity of the Internship I semester. R E D 4942 - Practicum for Assessment and Instruction of Reading Credit Hours: 3 M A E 4326 - How Children Learn Mathematics Credit Hours: 3 E D E 3942 - Internship I Credit Hours: 3 1 E E X 4070 - Teaching Exceptional Students Credit Hours: 3 S E N Teaching Assistant 4 Courses Bundle F R E E Child Protection F R E E Child Psychology F R E E COVID-19 Course Diploma of achievement in S E N Teaching Assistant Q L S Level 7. Additional C P D Accredited S E N Teaching Assistant Certificate with 160 C P D points available wit...

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Sign up to attend the upcoming student panel webinar on August 17 Business Degrees track your payment every step of the way Repayments are linked to your earnings and not the loan itself so the amount you owe in total will have no effect on your repayments. Instead the amount you repay per month is calculated on how much you re earning above the threshold....

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The N E B O S H National General Certificate qualification has been recognised for many years as an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of occupational health and safety. Similarly the N E B O S H Certificate in Environmental Management is designed to provide a sound The Request for F E E- H E L P Assistance form is available as part of the University's online enrolment process or through the following path in Access Adelaide: Select the ' My Finances' Menu Select ' Payment Category' Select the ' Apply for F E E- H E L P' button Follow the prompts enter your T F N where required and answer all questions on the form Select ' Submit Form' During the...

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