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Classics You'll gain scientific knowledge research expertise and lab skills during your medical science degree which will equip you to work within a clinical or research setting. The University is looking forward to welcoming The Walk to its Canterbury campus on 21 October (approx. 1300 1330)....

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Where our Graduates Work? Do not ignore any information given it is leading you somewhere. International Student Advisory...

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This two-day management training course has been specifically designed for people who are embarking on a new role in management. It will increase your understanding of the manager's role and leave you with a development plan for gaining further management skills. An I L M accr In addition to service and D A S in-processing students must complete academic in-processing at the D L I- Washington office prior to the class start date. During academic in-processing students will be briefed on the location and hours of training as well as other information regarding the course of instruction. Catherine Morris Environmental Advisor...

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