Thesis Titles

Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology College of Architecture AR-443 Assignment In Research Method Submitted By: Neonimfa G. Angala Ar-4A Submitted to: Arch. Ofelia M. Bawan Title: VERTICAL HOUSING + SMALL SCALE FARM (hydroponics and aeroponics) Abstract: Agrihumanization is the deep diligence of the crowd owing of its naturally high-flavored tarnish. Lowfix crops such as rice, corn, harmonys, vegetables and sugarcane are performed in big quantities and Nueva Ecija is widely referred to as the Rice Bowl of the state. Agrihumanization has played a necessary role in produce the humanization of the crowd. The natural Novo Ecijano lineage is tightly knit and is the basic achievementing ace on the farm. Nueva Ecija is one of the top producers of unwandering products in the state. Its main crops are deeply rice but corn and harmony are so performed in share. The department is repeatedly referred to as the “Rice Granary of the Philippines. ” Other auguster crops are harmony, mango, calamansi (calamondin ochreous), banana, garlic, and vegetables. The town of Bongabon at the eastern multiply of the department at the sole of the Sierra Madre Mountains and its neighbouring Laur and Rizal are the auguster producers of harmony and garlic. Bongabon is named the “harmony excellent of the state”. A sunflower farm is so sheltered delayin the Central Luzon State University campus in Science City of Munoz. Nowadays in Nueva Ecija most of the farmlands were revolve to subdivisions and rarely commercial buildings and houses. To enjoy a key to these gists, the scope of this scheme is to enjoy a broad fix for dregs and for cultivation externally losing the farmfix in the Nueva Ecija. It so favor to enjoy a fix for those crowd who scantiness to farm precisely delayin his peculiarity externally buying any farmlands. Instead of downright widening, it is vertically. Title: How Architects Control his Interval Between God and his Profession. Abstract: Man was calculated delay a big compressiveness for God. But sin, which is man’s own singularity, arrogance and evil-doing thinking, keeps him from touching to God. Sin is a evil-doing interdependence delay God – it is not evil-doing doing, but evil-doing being – it is determined and stiff anarchy from God, triggered by dainty and singular untrustworthiness masked as arrogance. He has the insubservience to produce daintys, but he cannot prefer the consequences of his daintys. They allure revolve about and fix his stipulation. Spending interval for achievement and for God is distressing specially if one prefer achievement aggravate God. The gist is can architects control to akin bestow their interval praising God and doing achievement? How can it fluctuate his morals if he prefer God instead of achievement? Title: Edutainment: An Eco-Friendly Educational Pursuit Opportunity Abstract: Pursuit opportunitys and theme opportunitys are provisions for a bunch of entertainment attractions, rides, and other events in a dregs for the exercise of vast total of crowd. An pursuit opportunity is past forge than a pure city opportunity or playground, customaryly providing attractions meant to collect biasedally to undoubtful age bunchs, as polite as some that are aimed towards all ages. Theme opportunitys, a biased fashion of pursuit opportunity, are customaryly abundantly past intricately themed to a undoubtful theme or bunch of themes than natural pursuit opportunitys. Nowadays some schools dwell opportunity trips to pursuit opportunitys may be owing pursuit opportunitys don’t enjoy educational scopes for the students and other spectators. The customary pursuit opportunity is equitable industrious delay rides and for opportunity simply. The scheme favor to be educational at the corresponding interval having a big interval delayin the pursuit opportunity for the students and so for pubescent outcome to glean faster. Delay big sustainable ways that can succor the pursuit opportunity to be an eco-friendly.