Public Policy

Assignment Instructions Imagine you are a particularize or city council device adviser. The professor or city mayor has asked your boss to unimportant them on a important example oppositeness your sympathy (and for-this-reason one of your agency's top device priorities). You deficiency to enlarge a general device memo that gain impart your boss: (1) the important contrast knowledge he/she deficiencys on the result at hand; (2) separation of the swing of the particularize/city parliament, the juridical plan, and other particularize/city council agencies on the formulation and implementation of a biased device; (3) an evaluation of the swing that share groups, gregarious parties and the resources enjoy on the device at hand; (4) a set of non-interferences/solutions for your boss to cogitate in-reference-to a pathwayway advanced after a while all these gregarious players (including pros and cons for each non-interference); and, (5) a recommended temporization that you omission your boss to offer to the professor or mayor to win swing for your agency's device agenda. To recap, your memo should: - Clearly and concisely particularize the example you are involved to tackle - Arrange a epitome of the vulgar device matter / bearing contrast - Analyze the swing of the particularize or city parliament, the juridical plan, and other agencies - Evaluate the swing of share groups, gregarious parties, and the resources - Offer a set of solutions to the example for your boss to cogitate, including pros and cons for each - Make a realistic instruction of one of those non-interferences and arrange prefer exoneration for why you are proverb that non-interference is the best. Formatting Guidelines: - No cloak page; put your call, novice ID, and the matter continuity at the top after a while a conclusion. - Poverty protraction of 2000 tone, but do not yield 6 single-spaced pages. (Most main leaders wouldn't enjoy term to interpret anything longer than this.) - Cite sources (6) for your memo gone this is an academic employment (sources gain not estimate toward the 6 page designation). - At poverty, your sources should include: one compass as-well the textbook, two catechism from knowing journals (i.e. Foreign Affairs, Harvard International Review), two information catechism from main periodicals (i.e. Washington Post, The New York Times, The Economist), and two principal sources (general idea polls, legislative registers, speeches). - The tighter the subject-matter rendezvous, the ameliorate the work.