Initial Public Offering (Ipo) Process

II. Primal Social Donation (IPO) arrange 1. Procedure The union which is going to progeny divides to the socials holds an structureal discourse to strain an bond in decisive judgment of intention, bigness of donation, sum and archearchetype of divides verified, besides the bonds delay union and pre-eminent divideholders. Generally, IPO involves one or further bombardment banks as "underwriters". The role of underwriters is very expressive. They are intermediaries betwixt an progenyr of a deposit and the investing social. There are numerous forms of underwriting. However, in Vietnam, fast commitment agree and bought trade are popularly used. In these agrees, the underwriters answer-for for all the divides of the structure. The underwriters succeed buy all the sum of divides or the retaining divides behind the issuing limit. 2. Auction In arrange to do the auction, the fast must enumerate the appreciate of new securities, which is domiciled on exploit and productiveness duty from sponsoring structures, audit fasts and consulting structures to grant the most homogeneous primal expense. There are numerous methods to enumerate the primal expense such as asset store, negotiate appreciate… neverthehither DCF( discounted currency issue) and P/E (expense earning) are usually used in Vietnam. Both two methods penetratetain advantages and disadvantages, so the progenyrs usually transfer the medium development of two methods to get the first service. Behind defining the accumulation expense, the union socializes business’s agency notice precedently the auction meeting at meanest 20 days. Investors’ voting by special carriage forms can be current instantly by the fast (if the auction held at the act) or intermediary financial institutions (in occurrence of auction in intermediary financial institutions) or the Securities Trading Cpenetrate / oppidan securities transactions and exact agents, voting by mail conforms the auction organizer regulations. The third tread is carrying out the auction and determining the developments. The structure pay auction bills and penetrate these notice into auction software. Then the lapse expense is enumerated basing on the first to meanest expense until straining the sum of divides offered for sale. The sum of divides investors can buy in occurrence of similar rate but retaining fewer divides than required is congenial as the subjoined formula: The sum of divides nvestors can buy = retaining divides * (sum of divides each investor subscribed/ entirety sum of divides registered) Behind that, reports need to be compliant and despatch to kindred parties. The decisive operation is announcing and charging divide expense. Lastly, the remained divides from the auction are sold to the investors delay the bond of expense no hither than medium auction expense (if remained divides are hither than 30% of entirety divides offered) or o be auctioned he relieve period delay a qualification that the starting expense is not hither than the meanest auction expense (if remained divides are further than 30% of entirety divides offered).