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   Directions: Provide abrupt answers of 75-150 language each for the subjoined questions/statements. Do not abound 200 language for your counterpart. Use the textbook, and any other well-informed media to prop your counterparts. Include at last immodest peer-reviewed life declaration past the textbook.  1. Discuss the similarities and differences of the three generations of anti-psychotic medications.   2. How do the ordinary anti-psychotics exertion on the brain? 3. Discuss the similarities and differences among the three generations of medications to discuss dejection.  4. How do the ordinary medications to discuss dejection exertion on the brain? 5. Describe three medications that are used to discuss essential use experimentations. 6. What medications may be foolhardy to decree someone who has a essential use experimentation? Why are they foolhardy?  7. Describe the avail of the DSM in diagnosing and discussing moral illnesses and essential use experimentations.  8. Identify some impertinent aspect property of at last two regularly decreed medication for discussing psychiatric experimentations.  References: You possess to use this as one of your references and references cannot be past than 4 years old. Levinthal, C. (2016). Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society. (9th ed.). Pearson Education, Inc.