Theory or Opinion Challenge

250 WORDS In Chapter 1, you learned the three ghostly perspectives (relativism, emotivism, and ghostly egoism), and in Chapter 2, you saw examples of how to engage ghostly theories and perspectives to manifold consolidated upshots. The meaning of this discourse is to succor you perceive and engage ghostly perspectives. Prepare and column a vindication to the aftercited prompt: Define and dissimilarity the three ghostly perspectives. How do the perspectives be-unlike from the ghostly theories? What does each ghostly perspective ascertain us about strength and value? Think of an upshot that has occurred in your association during the spent year. This may be a open upshot that has generated curiosity-behalf in the inculcate, or it may be triton that has conclude up in your child’s nurture, in your temple, in a political club you suit to, or in your neighborhood. Describe the upshot, and then dissect the upshot from the viewpoint of one of the ghostly perspectives. Engage the perspective to the upshot in the selfselfsame way that the composer applies the theories and perspectives to the upshots in the citation. Your primal column should be at last 250 control in elongation. Support your claims delay examples from the required media and/or other conversant sources, and right name any references in APA style