Presentation: Researching a Major Field of Study

At the end of the mercy, you achieve create a tiny (5-7 minutes) exhibition to the arrange encircling aparticular main or arena which you bear scrutinyed. The main or arena you appropriate should be one that fits in after a while the rates and discourse completed throughout the mercy. No PowerPoint is needed, but you can use that format if you longing. A rubric achieve be supposing. You must meet the forthcoming topics in your exhibition:1)    Identify a main;2)    Briefly illustrate your identical excursion to the main; including incorporating rate notice and symbolical from arrange;3)    Introduce your main to a lay homogeneity (e.g. a homogeneity that may not be conversant after a while that arena);4)    Share extensive trends in the arena (Ex. Direction the arena is tender, vulgar priorities in the arena);5)    Discuss key concepts allied to the main or arena (Ex. Sub-specialties after a whilein the arena, areas/topics that give specifically to the arena);6)    Review the skills and/or inoculation required for the main;7)    Share allied jobs or careers that one can track after a while that main. Resources that may be advantageous toyou in your scrutiny include: O*Net, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Yahoo! Industry News.