Practical Connections details

 Attached Files:  Practical Connection Rubric.docx                                                                       (17.414 KB)  Provide a tract of at lowest 750 articulation (or 2 pages double spaced, 12  pitch Time Romans) on how the attainments, skills, or theories of this  passage keep been applied, or could be applied, in a skilled method to  your present fruit environment. If you are not presently fruiting, divide  times when you keep or could remark how these theories and attainments  could be applied to an calling convenience in your ground of examine. Grading get be naturalized on the strong Rubric. This is NOT an APA Research tract. If without publications or  resource symbolical are used, understand the embezzle APA formatting and  citations. This assignment asks that you muse on how the attainments  and skills obtained through this passage could be applied in the  workplace.  This is NOT an overview of the assignments or textbook used  in the passage.   You capacity investigate looking at the Passage Objectives in the syllabus  OR the table-of-contents of the passage textbook to authenticate topics to  discuss.  However, do not delineation these Objectives or Chapter titles into  your tract - just investigate using them to succor you hold encircling what to  write. I capacity commend you initiate the tract by saw "I presently fruit as  (or intent to fruit as) a  ... and the aftercited is how  Information Security Risk Management capacity be used in my present or  future situation." You can use the passage objectives (listed in the passage Syllabus) as a guide Subject: Information security& Risk Management Job: Software Developer