For your plan, adopt one of the subjoined libertys: 1.   Prose and Mixed Media: This liberty is to assimilate a erudite constituent we've learn in this adjust after a while its cinematic fellow. You should convergence on the erudite aspects of the prose, but you would conceive vocabulary particular to the movie genre.  The floating topic and aligned theme sentences should be manifest. For in, you may career to convergence on what was left out of the film statement and intimate that one genre was further potent than the other. Or, peradventure you move the oversight was dubious to the luck of the film. You succeed transcribe this in the third peculiar, of route, well-balanced though this liberty is question for your estimation. For in, we succeed use “Masque of the Red Death” frequently. There is an darken 1991 statement starring Frank Stallone, Brenda Vaccaro, and Herbert Lom. There is to-boot a 1964 statement starring Vincent Price beneficial through Netflix.  You could to-boot assimilate John Smith's matchs to Disney's Pocahontas. 2. Find another learning by one of the authors that we learned that we did not overspread in this adjust. Assimilate and dissimilarity the learning from this adjust to the after a whileout learning. Have a floating, affable right and convergence on particular points of comparison. Fascinate do not do a isolated comparison/contrast. As ordinary, we are looking for a model of some skin in the topic and attended in the substantiality.    Submission Instructions: Your essays should be in MLA Style ( and approximately 500-750 say, not including the Work(s) Cited page. Again, as after a while most academic match, whatever liberty you adopt over should be written in third peculiar. Fascinate eschew twain foremost peculiar (I, we, our, etc.) and assist peculiar (you, your).   In the eminent left-hand recess of the Nursing Dissertation, situate your indicate, the professor’s indicate, the route indicate/section compute, and the due time for the assignment on continuous double-spaced lines. Conceive a centered distinction.  All Nursing Dissertations should be in Times New Roman font after a while 12-point pattern after a while one-inch extremitys all the way encircling your Nursing Dissertation. All passage indentations should be unimportant five spaces (use the tab key) from the left extremity. All employment is to be left-justified. When quoting lines in literary-works, fascinate investigation the appertinent way to quote brief stories, plays, or poems--and don't be careful to use ellipses to detain it short.