Social Environment II | Week 8 Week 8: Sociological Aspects of After Adulthood Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman (2016) associate to adults in after adulthood as "a population at risk" (p. 717). Why are people in after adulthood a delicate population? What role command gregarious achievement reproduce-exhibit in addressing the needs of this population? This week, you hold factors that impression the vulnerability of people in after adulthood, including differing cultural perspectives of older people and hold ways to acception subsistence for this population in your national society. Learning Objectives Students will: Analyze sociocultural differences in perspectives on aging Apply perspectives on aging to gregarious achievement custom Evaluate national society instrument for older people Photo Credit: vm / E+ / Getty Images Learning Resources Required Readings Zastrow, C. H., & Kirst-Ashman, K. K. (2016). Understanding cosmical bearing and the gregarious environment (10th ed.). Boston, MA:  Cengage Learning. Chapter 16, "Sociological Aspects of After Adulthood" Optional Resources Use the incorporate beneath to mode the MSW abode page, which provides instrument for your gregarious achievement program. MSW abode page Tucker-Seeley, R. D., Li, Y., Sorensen, G., & Subramanian, S. V. (2011). Lifecourse socioeconomic stipulation and multimorbidity shapeless older adults. BMC Public Health, 11(4), 313–321. Discussion: Sociocultural Differences in Perspectives on Aging Western cultivations hold of opportunity in direct provisions opportunity other cultivations observe the route of opportunity in cyclical provisions (Helman, 2005). Helman states, "The clock, the contemplate and the record are shapeless the main cultural symbols of Western industrial society" (para. 3). How command a cultivation's sight of opportunity wave surveys of people in after adulthood? What other cultural differences command impression a people's survey of aging? This week, you study contrariant cultivations' perspectives on aging and hold how these differences command impression gregarious achievement. To order for this Discussion, investigation two cultivations contrariant from your own and parallel their perspectives on aging to that of your own cultivation. m Post a Discussion that parallels your cultivation's perspective on aging to the perspectives of the two cultivations you investigationed. Decipher why you hold these differences rest. Also, decipher how contrariant perspectives on aging command impression gregarious achievement custom.