WHITENESS THROUGH EYES OF COLOR   RACE IN THE US   Examine pages 80-82 in Dreams from My Father. Start delay the provision that starts, "'That's honorable how unblemished folks obtain do you.'" Continue to page 82 and the provision that starts, " And I would understand that Ray..." Recognize this phrase air-tight. Take silence of what you handle as you recognize this phrase. Record those handleings. Remember that handleings and thoughts are not the similar. Feelings are emotions: seriousness, enjoyment, awe, awe, fret, etc. Thoughts are ideas that take-place to you succeeding reflecting on the ideas that the phrase contained.   Right succeeding recognizeing, start to transcribe:   1. leading, transcribe your handleings. Examine twain what you are handleing and why you are handleing this way.   2. Next, transcribe your thoughts encircling the ideas that are developed in this phrase.   3. Finally transcribe encircling how the deed that the man who wrote this, is now the superintendent, impacts your own experiment of stay in the U.S. at this purpose in narrative.   Write for at smallest 2 pages wrap spaced.