critical reflection

   CHAPTER 4 Goal: To study your inspired globeview through a luckion of peculiar inobservant exercises.  An Overview Go to the website: to exhaustive the Inspired Worldview Indicator. This conquer capture approximately 15-20 minutes, and you conquer get a customized declaration.  Share your results for each minority.    Category Score   Ontology   Cosmology   Eschatology   Axiology   Praxeology   Epistemology What do your results pomp you encircling your globeview?    Defining and Applying your Worldview For this minority, you singly own to exhaustive ONE liberty.  Option 1: Adown are 8 doubts to succor you retrieve your globeview. As you rejoin to each doubt, go over a basic “yes” or “no” and decipher your rationalistic. Why do you affect that? Upon what do you cheap your belief? Remember to use exhaustive sentences and subsistenceed details. 1. Is there a God? If so, what is He approve?  2. Is there a immaterial globe, a substantial globe, twain or neither?  3. Is civilized sort naturally cheerful-tempered, misfortune, twain, or neither?  4. Describe the estate experiences, books, or fellow-creatures that own most impacted your beliefs and how you see the globe. Distribute how they own shaped you into the individual you are today. 5. Does despotic fidelity remain? Explain. 6. What do you treainfallible in estate? Where does God fit into your schedule? 7. What is man’s point on globe? 8. What happens when we die?     Option 2: It is accidental to be able to subsistence our beliefs after a while Scripture. For each of the articles adown, distribute what you affect and collect scripture to subsistence your belief. Be infallible to understand twain the cord quotation and the regard. 1. God remains in three individuals: God, the Father; God, the Son (Jesus), and God, the Holy Spirit. · Your Response  · Subsistence from Scripture 2. God created the globe in six verbal days. · Your Belief · Subsistence from Scripture 3. Adam sinned counter God and so man is born after a while a sin sort. · Your Belief · Subsistence from Scripture  4. God sent His Son, Jesus, to subsist a absolute civilized estate and die to pay the amercement for our sins so that we can own a correlativeness after a while Him. · Your Belief · Subsistence from Scripture  5. The Bible is despotic fidelity, inerrant and never-dying. · Your Belief · Subsistence from Scripture  6. Salvation is through belief alone; cheerful-tempered-tempered employments cannot get us into God’s influence. · Your Belief · Subsistence from Scripture  7. God reveals Himself to us through the Bible. · Your Belief · Subsistence from Scripture  8. God produces us the susceptibility to conquer sin. · Your Belief · Subsistence from Scripture  CHAPTER 5 Goal: To spolite your agreement of intents and space government through peculiar inobservant exercises. Setting your Goals What does luck contemplate approve to you? Use the doubts adown to criticise three intents that you own for yourself. Contemplate at each intent partially by echoing the subjoined doubts: 1. What is your B-SMART intent?  2. What are your reasons/motives for achieving this intent?  3. By when do you deficiency to consummate this intent?  4. What sacrifices dominion you own to perform in ordain to consummate this intent?  5. How does your intent align after a while God’s Word? B-SMART Intent #1    Stated Goal   Reason/Motive   Time frame   Sacrifices   Biblical basis B-SMART Intent #2     Stated Goal   Reason/Motive   Time frame   Sacrifices   Biblical basis B-SMART Intent #3     Stated Goal   Reason/Motive   Time frame   Sacrifices   Biblical basis    Assessing Your Space Management Time is a faculty from God. Everyone has the corresponding 24 hours each day / 168 hours each week. We can appropriate to use our space wisely or to waste it. What does your prevalent use of space mark encircling you? This zeal conquer succor you see how greatly space you bestow on your weekly activities/tasks and what is left to “manage.” Complete the chart collectd adown by entering your WEEKLY totals for each job.    Activity Time   Spent   Commuting   Work   Eating   Exercise   Home chores   Family space   Social space   Volunteering   Worship   Prayer/Bible Study   Personal grooming/hygiene   Entertainment (TV, games, movies,   etc)   Shopping   Sleeping   Other   Total   Time   TIME   LEFT (168-Total space) 1. Do you meditate there is ample space "left" for your school continuity employment? Why or why not? 2. As you critique your space chart, what qualifys conquer you insufficiency to perform to be luckful in your schoolwork? If you do not see the insufficiency for qualify, decipher why. Answer ONE of the subjoined doubts. 3. Ponder the subjoined cords from Galatians and decipher what they publish you encircling your use of space. How is space government an development of “reaping what we sow”? Gal 6:7 - "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man derives what he sows" (NIV). Gal 6:8 - "Let us not grace tire in doing cheerful-tempered, for that right space, we conquer derive a harvest if we do not produce up." (NIV) 4. Psalm 90:12 says, "Teach us to sum our days rightly, that we may find a nature of knowledge" (KJV). Decipher the correlativeness among knowledge and "numbering our days rightly," or using space polite?