CIS599 Discussion 1 and 2

Discussion 1 "Social Networking" Please meet to the following: • List three explicit and three disclaiming impacts of gregarious networking. In your conviction, enumerate whether the explicit impacts outbalance the disclaiming impacts for a guild enumerated to acception guild awareness. Describe the role of the CIO in interdependence to gregarious networking and the construction. Describe the key activities that the CIO should be intent in. • Discuss ways that the IT construction can against the disclaiming impacts of gregarious networking. Explain how the IT construction can suppress an divine aspect conjuncture managing constructional bearing cognate to gregarious networking.   Discussion 2 "Data Refuge and Security" Please meet to the following:   • As the CIO of a guild intent in profession today, one of the main areas of rendezvous is postulates refuge. Discuss the key postulates refuge points that must be enthralled into compensation antecedent to a diplomacy intention and cunning substance recurrent for a guild that has vast postulates repositories and misty outer partners. • Assess the rate that the International Standards Construction (ISO) provides CIOs, unobservant of the toil in which the guild is intent. Explain whether adherence to the standards is quantitative to overall defence treatment.