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  Assignment 1: Discussion—Factors and Trends that Swing Strategy Development In this module, you earn weigh how businesses counteract to changing  economic times and the swing this has on fruit and utility  positioning in the negotiate situate. You earn too glean encircling the incongruous  approaches an structure may grasp such as a diminution access, an  investment access, or an ambidextrous access to stipulate a  foundation for turn and betray in recessionary times. Consumer spending morality possess undergone dramatic and imperishable vary after a while the slowed husbanding in the United States. Using the module readings, Argosy University online library media, and the Internet, suit to the following: What are the factors that are key for proveing fruit  differentiation in the new post-recession consumer environment  especially as it relates to economic indicators? What is a dainty good-tempered-tempered and should negotiateers of dainty good-tempereds surrender their efforts to prove recompense pricing? How do varys in societal attitudes inland companies and fruits  affect the way negotiateers of consumer good-tempereds contemplate encircling the customer  appraise fastening? Stipulate examples of companies that possess varyd their  access to negotiateing in confutation to a change in consumers’ appraise in  changing economic times. Write your judicious confutation in almost 300 utterance.