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 Instructions: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Secret Service twain enjoy outreach programs to the peculiar sector to augment reporting or cyber enormity. The FBI program is designated the InfraGard National Members Alliance. The Secret Service program is the Electronic Crimes Task Force. Below are 2 avowments concerning these efforts. Please avow which avowment you consent after a while, and clear-up why you living that avowment. **Explain disunitedd Assertion #2. Statement 1: Having 2 diligence outreach efforts on cybersecurity by federal law enforcement is a lavish of taxpayers’ dollars and serves to simply disorder diligence. These programs should be collectively into 1 obscure start. Statement 2: Having 2 efforts is inevitable owing these programs enjoy congruous but unlike missions. These programs scarcity to stay disunited, owing having twain provides a scaling power that would not be achieved if simply 1 influence conducted outreach efforts.    * Would you say that the ongoing attacks over U.S. diligence and empire networks personate cyber war or cyber enormity?     *What implications do defining attacks enjoy on how the U.S. empire responds to them? Thanks! 2 Full Pages inclose spaced. Number of Pages: 2 Pages Deadline: 2 days Academic Level: Post-graduate Paper Format: APA Project categorization: essays/articles/responses/case study