Public company of electronic media

Company Company may be defined as a conquering connection of substances. It is an connection of men-folks formed for some niggardly eager but largely it is a conquering connection of specific. It has cardinal discerptible into cleverness, unreserved as portions. At the corresponding abridge it is an spurious specific created by a mode of command. It has a agehither continuity and a niggardly sanction. It exists just in artfulness of command ; is cherished by the command as a specific, just as a homo. On division of a gang becomes a constitutional building oppidan or strengthening after a conjuncture a agehither continuity and a niggardly sanction. It to-boot acquires a peculiarity independent from its members. Features Of A Company 1. Separate constitutional entity 2. Scant jurisdiction 3. Agehither continuity 4. Niggardly sanction 5. Transferability of portions 6. Separate belongings 7. Capacity to action Electronic Media It is instrument that uses electronics or electromechanical activity for the ultimate user ( reception ) to entree the satisfied. This is in contrariety to indolent instrument ( largely stereotype instrument ) , which are most frequently created electronically, but do n't oblige electronics to be accessed by the ultimate user in the stereotypeed signifier. Most new instrument are in the signifier of digital instrument. However, electronic instrument may be in either analogous or digital format. Although the vocable is normally associated after a conjuncture satisfied recitative on a storage balance, recordings are non demandd for unrecitative indiscriminately balance and on-line networking. Any equipment used in the electronic communicating mode ( e.g. telecasting, wireless, telephone, desktop computing record, diversion solace, hand-held invention ) may to-boot be considered electronic instrument. Instrengthening Of Company Before a gang is formed, penny prelusory determinations are expedient, for exemplification, whether it should be a secret gang or a national gang, what its cardinal should be, and whether it is worthconjuncture organizing a new gang or pickings aggravate the regret of an already regular regret. All these determinations are charmed by penny substances unreserved as “promoters” . They do the ample expedient prelusory production hither charge to the shape of the gang. Public Ltd Company A National Scant Gang is a Gang scant by portions in which there is no constraint on the maximal aspect of stockholders, conveyance of portions and confidence of national sedimentations. The jurisdiction of each stockholder is scant to the quantity of the uncompensated sum of the portions aspect estimate and the reward thereon in respect of the portions held by him. However, the jurisdiction of a Director / Overseer of such a Gang can at times be infinite. The minimal aspect of stockholders is 7. It has a minimal compensated-up cardinal of Rs 5 hundred thousand or such surpassing compensated up cardinal, as may be prescribed. Every national gang, bing on the initiation of the Companies ( Amendment ) Act, 2000, after a conjuncture a compensated-up cardinal of hither than Rs. 5, 00,000 shall, after a conjuncturein a duration of two old ages from such initiation, amplify its compensated-up cardinal to Rs.5,00,000. Get downing A New National Ltd Company Before stepping in the regret cosmos-community & A ; get downing up a new regret i.e. a new national Ltd gang, we must estimate a indicate of the gang which co-relate the production of the gang and be comfortable grasped in the crisis of the community. As we are get downing a new national Ltd Gang of electronic instrument i.e. Television & A ; computing record fib gang and the indicate of the gang to be registered conquer be Protechno instrument ltd gang. Name-Approval For The Deattested Company The mode for obtaining the indicate endowment for the deattested gang is that an impression in Form No. 1A demands to be filed after a conjuncture the Registrar of Companies ( ROC ) of the province in which the Registered Function of the deattested Gang is to be situated. The impression is demandd to be witnessed by one of the boosters. The internally instructions of the impression are as follows: 1. Four dubitate indicates for the deattested gang. ( The indicate can be coined indicates from the sights of the deattested gang or the indicates of the overseers, etc. but should decidedly be declarative of the main sight of the gang. Justification for the indicate needs to be limited along after a conjuncture the impression ) . 2. Indicate callings and relations of the boosters ( Minimal 7 for a national gang conjuncture 2 for secret gang ) . 3. Authorized Cardinal of the deattested gang. 4. Main sights of the deattested gang. Documents Required To Be Produced For Incorporation Following are the monographss demand for acquiring the certification of division or registering the gang after a conjuncture registrar... ... ... .. MOA and AOA are demandd which is to be produced by the boosters in the influence of a appriseant in proverb their ample indicate, virile originator 's indicate, residential relation, matter, aspect of portions maintaind for, etc. 1. Form No. 1 - This is to be to be produced on a non-judicial cast monograph of INR 20 by overseers of the deattested gang or by other substances such as Advocates proverb that all the demands of the division entertain been complied after a conjuncture. 2. Form No. 18 - This signifier contains inshape about the registered function of the deattested gang. 3. Form No. 29 - This is a agree obtained from all the deattested overseers of the deattested gang to provoke as overseers of the deattested gang. ( Not demandd in point of secret gang ) . 4. Form No. 32 - This signifier shows the event of allegement of the deattested overseers as the board of overseers. 5. Indicate endowment warrant in first. 6. Dominion of Attorney witnessed by all the endorsers of MOA authorising one of the endorsers or any other specific to provoke on their aid for the eager of division and accepting the certification of division. 7. Dominion of Attorney in point of a endorser who has appointed another specific to maintain the MOA on his aid. Filing fees as may be serviceable. This Form Is Populated For Checking The Availability Of Name FORM 1A Application signifier for handiness or diversification of indicate [ Pursuant to part 20 and 21of the Companies Act, 1956 ] Note - All Fieldss conspicuous in*are to be compulsorily populated. 1. *Application for integrating a new gang altering the indicate of an bing gang Part A: Handiness of indicate 2 ( a ) . *Name of suitor Prankur Rastogi ( B ) *Occupation Businessman ( quality Celsius ) . *Address Line I Phagwara, Jalandhar Line II Punjab ( vitamin D ) . *City Jalandhar ( vitamin E ) . *State Punjab ( quality Fahrenheit ) . *Country India ( g ) . *Pin codification 144402 ( H ) . *e-mail prankurrastogi @ ( I ) . Phone 9569231524 ( J ) . Fax 09534267447782 3. Indicate callings of boosters * ( I ) Indicate of promoter……… Prankur Rastogi * ( two ) Indicate of promoter………Pawan Rastogi * ( three ) Indicate of promoter……..Rajesh Dubey 4. *Name of the province in which the deattested gang is to be registered Punjab 5. *Name of the Registrar of Companies in which the deattested gang is to be registered………….. Mr Y B Singh 6. *State whether the deattested gang is national or secret Public 7. * deattested indicate of gang ( at smallest 6 deattested indicates ) a. Fanko electro ltd B. Rigs electro-instrument ltd c. Protechno Instrument Ltd Gang d. Agnis electro ltd e. Jippo electro ltd f. Retro electro instrument After gain ampleing the impression for handiness of indicate ROC conquer allege the indicate after a conjuncturein three hebdomads of impression submission………….. The ROC conquer observe into for the handiness of indicate and apprise the specific who has populated the impression………… . Name Protechno Instrument Ltd Gang is serviceable and is allotted. This is to be to be produced on a non-judicial cast monograph of INR 20 by overseers of the deattested gang or by other substances such as Advocates proverb that all the demands of the division entertain been complied after a conjuncture. FORM NO. 1 Registration No Of Gang -1090 Nominal Capital- : Rs. 2,00,00,000.00 THE COMPANIES ACT, 1956 Declaration of illustration after a conjuncture the demands of the Companies Act, 1956 on impression for enrollment of a gang [ Pursuant to divergence 33 ( 2 ) ] Name of Gang Protechno Instrument Limited/Private Limited Presented by Protechnicals group I Prankur Rastogi of Protechnicals Group do sacredly and unfeignedly repel that I am [ 1 ] Promoter who is occupied in the shape of the gang, or a specific indicated in the subscription as a director/manager/secretary of the... ... ... ... Protechno Instrument Limited/Private Limited. And that all the demands of the Companies Act, 1956, and the regulations at that locate subordinate in respect of affairs warrant to the enrollment of the said gang and concomitant thereto entertain been complied after a conjuncture. And do this sacred averment scrupulously refined the corresponding to be penny. This signifier contains inshape about the registered function of the deattested gang. FORM NO. 18 Registration No. of the Company1090 Nominal Capital: Rs2,50,00,000 THE COMPANIES ACT, 1956 Notice of the situation/change of aver of affairs of registered function [ Pursuant to part 146 ] Name of the gang - Protechno Instrument Ltd Company Notice is hereafter a conjuncture loving that -- -- 1. ( a ) the registered function of the gang is situated in Jalandhar ( Punjab ) .after a conjuncture concontinuity from [ day of the month ] 20.11.09 ( B ) The aver of affairs of the registered function of the gang of was radical from to after a conjuncture concontinuity from [ day of the month ] 2. Situation of registered function falls subordinate the constitutional dominion of Jalandhar ( indicate of the supporter station ) . * Dated this thirtieth Day of Nov 2009 Signature Prankur Rastogi Name PRANKUR RASTOGI ( In Block Capitals ) Appellation Chairman *State relation of suppress supporter station after a conjuncture province and tehsil. This is a agree obtained from all the deattested overseers of the deattested gang to provoke as overseers of the deattested gang. FORM NO 29 Registration No. of Company..1090... ... ... ... ... Nominal Cardinal Rs.2,50,00,000... ... ... THE COMPANIES ACT, 1956 Consent to provoke as overseer of a gang and/or set abouting to seize and pay for making portions [ Pursuant to divergence 264 ( 2 ) /266 ( I ) ( a ) and 266 ( 1 ) ( B ) ( three ) ] Name of gang Protechno Instrument Limited Presented by... . Protechnicals Group... ... ... ... . To the Registrar of Companies... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Jalandhar... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . I, the subordinatesigned, hereafter a conjuncture witness my agree to provoke as overseer of the... Protechno Instrument Limited... Pursuant to divergence 264 ( 2 ) /266 ( 1 ) ( a ) of the Companies Act, 1956 and witness that I entertain non been unable to provoke as a overseer subordinate divergences 267 and/or 274 of the Companies Act, 1956. I, the subordinateattested employment agreeed to provoke as overseer of the.Protechno Instrument Limited, to-boot hereafter a conjuncture subordinateseize to seize from the said gang and wage for..5000... .. portions of Rs.20... ... Each, substance the number/estimate of the portions prescribed as the making portions for the function of overseer of the said gang. Name and nativity indicate in ample and virile originator 's names Address Occupation Date of nativity