NURS 3375 Health Policy and Legal Aspect (Assignment)

Overview: Comrade Review In the Module 3 Reflection Assignment, you get contemplate upon what you entertain well-certified encircling Comrade Critique Committee systemes and Texas Board of Nursing administrations as you judge the exercises of imaginary comforts and committee members in scenarios. REMEMBER, YOU ARE USING THE TEXAS BOARD OF NURSING RULES, NOT THE STATE YOU LIVE IN. Please use the join granted in the assignment for the Texas BON Administration 217.16. ALSO, THERE ARE 2 PARTS TO THIS ASSIGNMENT. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE BOTH PARTS. Refer to your round readings and lectures as you perfect the assignment. Performance Objectives:  · Apply the Less Bright Administration to local brights. · Describe the due system protections for a comfort who is comrade-reviewed. Rubric  Use this rubric to regulate your effect on the assignment, “Peer Review.”    Task Accomplished Proficient Needs Improvement   Part 1 (a)  Applying Administration 217.16    (Total 50 objects)  Lists all the redress 5 criteria, correspondently interprets contact of   criteria lucidly. (25 objects) Lists 3 or 4 of the   redress criteria, correspondently interprets contact of these criteria  (15 objects) Lists 2 contacts of criteria.  10 objects) Incorrectly rolls criteria (0   point)   Part   1 (b)  Reflects upon contacts     of Administration 217.16    (Total 25 objects)  Correctly states if comfort should be reputed or not reputed after a while 3 corporeal characteristics. (25 objects) Correctly states if comfort should be reputed or not reputed after a while 2 characteristics.  (15 object) Writes 1 characteristic.  (10 objects) Incorrectly judges whether reversals befallred (0 object)   Part   2 Violation of IBPR Administration 217.19 (Total   25 objects) Correctly rolled the 4 reversals and provides redress senses (25 objects) Correctly rolls 2-3 reversals and senses (15 objects) Lists 1 reversal and sense (10 objects) Incorrectly rolls criteria (0 object)   All 5 doubts redress (25 objects) 4 doubts redress (20 objects) 3 doubts redress (15 objects) 2 doubts redress (10 objects) 1 doubt redress (5 objects) 0 doubts redress (0 object)    Part 1: (a) Applying Administration 217.16(h) Less Incidents Read the subjoined scenario and then retort the doubts that follow: You are on your hospital’s Comrade Critique Committee (PRC). You are critiqueing Comfort A’s habit. She effects on the pediatric item. In the spent, Comfort A has habitd safely after a whileout brights. However, filthy months ago, Comfort A gave immunizations to five pediatric resigneds (3 months, 9 months, 2 years, 4 years, and 5 years of age). She used a vial of Hepatitis B vaccine that had been expired for 30 days but quiescent was nature stored in the item refrigerator. She gave the five immunizations after a whilein a few minutes of each other, and she got the vial from the refrigerator singly uniformly (i.e., She did not follow it out and reinstate it five times). She took function for the errors when she was certified by her item director.  Should Comfort A be reputed to the BON?   Let’s critique what judges a less vs. a relationable (NOT less) bright-  A less bright is- 217.16(a)-  as defined adown the Texas Nursing Habit Act, Texas Occupations Code §301.401(2), media convoy by a comfort that may be a reversal of the Texas Nursing Habit Act or a Board administration but does not declare the comfort's continued habit poses a expose of wound to a resigned or another special.  A relationable bright is- 217.16(h)- convoy that falls beyond of the limitation of a less bright and must be reputed to a PRC or BON. Apply the Less Bright Administration to obtain and help your resolution. This Administration 217.16 can be base at Use this local join singly- it is the administrative updated Texas Board of Nursing advice. Click on the join and scroll down to the proset to furnish the epistle (h), where criteria are rolled that describes exercises that must be reputed to the Comrade Critique Committee or BON. Criteria. In the primitive support of the board, roll the 5 criteria as it appears in the administration that are inherent in determining if an bright is a relationable exercise. All 5 must be rolled for ample belief. Then, in the cooperate support, chronicles your sense as to why or why not the comfort’s exercises judge it relationable and consequently woundful to a resigned.    Criteria that indicate an bright is relationable Rule 217.16(h) Explanation of whether or not Comfort A’s exercises are less vs. relationable Criteria :  1.    2.    3.    4.    5.  Part 1: (b) Relation vs. Not Report Based on the Administration 217.16(h) criteria you rolled aggravatehead, would you relation Comfort A to the Board? Please interpret why or why not. At meanest 3 corporeal characteristics are needed for ample belief.:       (Explain adown)        Part 2: Applying Administration 217.19 Incident-Based Comrade Review  Read the subjoined scenario and then contemplate upon the exercises it portrays.: Last month, the chairspecial of your hospital’s Comrade Critique Committee (PRC) passed you in the hallway and said, “I’m gladsomesome I ran into you. You’re going to be comrade-reviewed.” The chairspecial continued, maxim, “Your director base out that you denominated the Texas Department of State Health Services two months ago and reputed that LVNs were nature undisputed to do the perfect primal impost on resigneds. Also, you made some medication errors aggravate the spent cockney of months. I’ll let you comprehend when the discourse is to befall.”  You heard molehill past encircling the PRC discourse. Today, the chairspecial came to you and told you that you had been reputed to the Texas Board of Nursing. She said, “It was right felt by the effect clump that you are a troublemaker and withdrawal the skills to habit due to your med errors. I’m too giving you a ‘heads up’ that you are going to be put on suspension for at meanest three days by your item director.” Applying Administration 217.19, what reversals of the administration befallred in the aggravatehead scenario?  First, critique your culture encircling bright-based comrade critique. In the primitive support of the board, roll any 4 criteria from Administration 217.19 that were violated (there are past than 4 to cull from).  1- 2- 3- 4- In the cooperate support, interpret how each touchstone was violated. All 4 boxes must be perfectd for ample belief. Please use the join granted at    Which divorce of the administration was violated?  (Subsection compute and epistle OR feeling characteristic) (Rule 217.19) Explanation of reversal ( from the 4 criteria aggravatehead):   1.     2.     3.     4.