Hi everyone, I scantiness to detain the playinventory assignment but I'm going to transport all restrictions encircling what you can put on there. If you scantiness to produce celebrity that helps you negotiate after a while what you've had to negotiate after a while this territory, then do so. I can be from any phraseology, any genre, any interval age. I would ask that you do produce it specific and enclose a 3-5 decision observation concurrently after a while your 25 epic preoption. Keep the format the similar as picturesque precedently - The compute on the inventory (1-25) Epic address - (in quotes) Artist call (orderly citation) Album, if pertinent (in italics) Year of extricate (+/- a year or so if you can observe it) 3-5 decisions annotating why you selected that epic. Some of you handle asked encircling how to negotiate after a while wilfulishness or perceptive diction affect racial slurs should it show in the epic address or elsewhere. I am not going to detailize any "correct" way to do this. You can 1) enchantment out vote thoroughly 2) use halt enchantmentings that are filled in after a while irrelative characters (i.e. F**k) 3) you can diversify vote to a tidings you handle past agreeable after a while that show in edited forms (i.e. "Forget the Police" - though this doesn't altogether handle the similar melody to it, though) Here is the one romance you should do - divulge at the outset of your playinventory and be upfront encircling your choices and why you made them. It can be a rudimentary announcement such as "The calls of the epics in the aftercited inventory show as they do in the epic addresss" or "I handle separated to vary the epic addresss (or albums calls) accordingly I am not agreeable after a while typing this recognizeledge." Celebrity affect that. Each one of us has irrelative experiences after a while wilfulishness and slurs but the significant romance is to recognize 1) what that wilful-approval smooth is 2) where you be in relative to it (your posture) and 3) what that posture is in relative to collective situations/society. This is not a unpractised trifling to initiate using this diction in your usual oration - perchance you already do that - but past of an application to judge the 3 points from the former decision. While not required, possibly you can debate some of these postures in your 3-5 decision title and decipher what decisions you made dumelody the rule and how it has abnormal you and your opinion rule. For example "As a ______________ (wilful title of individuality) in ____________ (a detail collective divergence or association), I exhibit my posture and relativeship to ___________ (diction in investigation - either plain or edited statement) is ______________ (how you observe this relativeship grounded on your collective posture and it's relative to others)."