final draft week seven, original work only prior week work will be attached for brilliant answer only

  The definite exhaust of the Week 5-7 Literature Review is due in Week 7.  Students are required to acquiesce a pristine exhaust in Week 6, then mend the Literature Review by applying feedback from 1) the Furrow Online Writing Studio, 2) the Professor, 3) other Students in Week 7, and 4) using multitudinous proofreading techniques. Standards: (the standpoint of this assignment is HIGH-QUALITY compatible after a while furrow equalize is-sue). Length - The mass of this assignment should be accurately 5 pages in elongation (barring the inscription page and references) Format - Follow APA/Graduate Program standards. Abstract - An conceptional is NOT required for this tractate. References - At lowest ten (10) references are required. All references must be used and cited in the quotation of your tractate and the sources must after from greater academic journals. Note: The Furrow Online Writing Studio can be very beneficial in modifying this tractate.  It is recommended that you mold your tractate in present to them so you can get feedback to mend your instrument.