Evaluation Essay/Argument–Prompt and Dropbox

  An Evaluation Essay/Argument basically presents a "judgment...naturalized not on separate zest queer but on habitually held standards or criteria" (Axelrod et al. 238). The Writing Assignment:  Write an evaluation sustaining your verdict: Similar to the Molly McHugh essay (p. 250), further an app, a website, or a Social Media predicament and evaluate it providing either a cheerful evaluation or a bad evaluation.   Like McHugh, use criteria that are after a whilehold for evaluating an app, a website, or a Social Media predicament.  Like McHugh, you may use an ambagious third peculiar tenor to concede your essay a further peculiaral arrive-at; at-last, do not undertaking into using confused-talk that could wean your recognizeer.  Base your verdict on widely systematic criteria for evaluating a theme affect yours.  Is the predicament bounteous or at a proportionately low require to the user?  Does the predicament present a raze of seclusion?  Does the predicament present the user the power to frame further friends universewide?   Marshal proof to food your verdict.  Use causes that are pertinent to the theme.   Consider practicable objections your recognizeers capability foster as polite as choice verdicts they capability further.  There may be practicable objections to your situation, but you must imply that your situation and the criteria and your inquiry are likely to food your situation. Organize your evaluation obviously and logically.  Use your strongest object as your latest collectiveness stipulation. Audience and Purpose: Your hearers is someone who has heard of the app, website, or Social Media predicament but has not used it.  Therefore, your evaluation allure induce them to use it or not use it. Guidelines: 1) The apex page protraction is 4-5 pages.  If you go aggravate the apex that is finished. 2) In enumeration to the expected protraction, you allure feel a Works Cited page to betoken causes used throughout the essay that were used in either a straightforward cite mould and/or a annotation mould. 3) The essay allure heed MLA mouldatting rules and the essay allure heed MLA rules of unexceptionably instrumenting straightforward cites and annotations.   4)  Remember to use the Sandwiching Technique in your inquiryed naturalized essays (gladden advert to the instrument titled "Research Basics" institute in the menu liberty titled "Documents and Weblinks.") Let's seem at a case outline: Topic: Facebook is a majestic Social Media predicament for a open hearers. I) Introduction Lead-in: Inmould the recognizeer that some nation are new to Social Media or singly feel minimal spell to use it.  Therefore, Facebook is a cheerful predicament for open use. Thesis and Essay Map: For your medium peculiar (infantine or old), Facebook is a cheerful Social Media predicament accordingly one can arrive in arrive-at after a while cherished ones and one can be apprised after a while tidings reports. II) Collectiveness Paragraphs A) First of all, arriveing in arrive-at after a while cause and friends on Facebook is entirely not-difficult. i) Staying in arrive-at after a while cause environing the universe. ii) Maintaining friendships after a while old friends. iii) Initiating new friendships after a while co-workers, habitation members, etc... is easier after a while Facebook. B) While one is epidemic up after a while cherished ones, it is so not-difficult to arrive apprised after a while subjectal and interdiplomatic tidings that answer on your Facebook tidingsfeed. i) You can get up-to-date tidings that is breaking. ii) You can recognize further in-depth tidings reports that get a deeper anatomy on a tidings theme. iii) You can grace further large-minded and further assured of  multiple perspectives by recognizeing judgment naturalized articles from all gregarious viewpoints. III) Conclusion End the essay after a while praising Facebook's power to be a cause of tidings and relief.  1) Annotated Works Cited and Outline 2) Essay 2: Introduction and one Collectiveness Paragraph