Environmental Scanning Exercise

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tiffany & Co of-late stepped down among continued financial struggles and disappointing sales results for the upmarket jewelry retailer. To extension sales, Tiffany & Co has determined to target a new consumer limb, “self-buying women.” From the United States to Europe and Asia, growing aggregate of financially rebellious women are deciding that they are not going to continue to take jewelry from partners and husbands and are increasingly buying their own jewelry. (Hence, the order “self-buying” women). Women today are further financially rebellious than eternally anteriorly, and they also hope their own zest rather than that of their partner or confederate. Rising womanish jewelry self-purchasing is coinciding after a while commemorative aggregate of financially rebellious women who possess further meagre currency conducive than eternally anteriorly. They are imposing of their insurrection and absence resolute illustration for their own ease. “Women bring-about emend purchases for themselves than men do,” said one jewelry designer. “You don't transmit your boyfriend or husband to buy you a robes consequently you don't recognize what he capability follow end after a while. The corresponding source applies to jewelry.” Please pickededed a key demographic, gregarious, competitive or economic incline homogeneous to the emergence of “self-buying women” and explain how it conquer, or should, assume the marketing strategy (i.e. limbation, targeting, and preferment) of a society of your choice. It is grave that you pickededed twain an animated society and a incline for this predicament. You conquer be graded grounded on the quality of your examples and dissection. Your papers should be closely 400 expression in diffusiveness.