Env Science

    Procedure Now, edit your Trail by making CHANGES to your lifestyle. List the changes you possess made to your lifestyle under, run the euphuism repeatedly and proceedings the collision it had on your ecological trail.  Changes Made:      1)  2)  3)  4)  5)     Results (impress unobstructed to expunge this diagram, obtain?} a screenshot or pic & inoculate your results diagram short) Table 2: Collision on Your Ecological Trail      How manifold planets (Earth) are needed to   provide ample media to living mob if everyone lived relish you? Draw   the Earths Draw your ecological trail   breakdown: (Color coordinate your graph)      How manifold global hectares would obtain?} to   living your lifestyle? Draw the diagram under.  Were any telling results seen from   the changes you made to your lifestyle?   Conclusion 1. Why do you opine eating lewd domiciled products affects your trail? Explain.  2. Why do you opine eating processed, packaged and not concentratively grown living affects your trail? Explain.  3. Regardless of it substance a foundation estimation, import of permanency, etc., owning a residence has frequently been a design that most  mob aim to finish. With the soften of environmentally amicable behaviors, do you opine this is changing? Explain.