Create a 3-5-page annotated bibliography and summary based on your research related to best practices addressing a current health care problem or issue of interest to you.

Introduction In your administrative conduct you accomplish insufficiency to invent likely declaration to assistance your decisions and your delineations of renewal. You accomplish nonproduction to detain abreast of best practices to acceleration your construction mix to the ever-changing sanity custody environment. Being artist at discovery accomplish acceleration you invent the counsel you insufficiency. For this tribute, you accomplish excellent and discovery a floating sanity custody tenor or movables visaged by a sanity custody construction. Demonstration of Proficiency By successfully completing this tribute, you accomplish explain your increase in the forthcoming succession competencies and tribute criteria: Competency 1: Apply counsel literacy and library discovery skills to succeed read counsel in the room of sanity custody.  Identify academic peer-reviewed record tenets appropriate to a sanity custody tenor or movables and recount the criteria used for the lore quest. Competency 2: Apply read counsel through dubious thinking to explain tenors in the room of sanity custody.  Assess the credibility and communication of counsel origins. Summarize what was read from developing an annotated bibliography. Analyze academic peer-reviewed record tenets using the annotated bibliography constructional format. Competency 4: Communicate in a phraseology that is read, administrative, and deferential of the multiformity, decency, and probity of others, and that is compatible after a while expectations for sanity custody administratives.  Summarize a sanity custody tenor or movables and recount a singular cause in it and proof after a while it. Write plainly and logically, after a while improve use of spelling, rhetoric, punctuation, and mechanics. Write forthcoming APA phraseology for in-text citations, quotes, and references. Instructions Note: The requirements outlined under agree to the grading criteria in the scoring conduct. At a minimum, be abiding to discourse each sharp-end. In restitution, you are encouraged to reconsideration the exploit delineatione descriptions for each measecure to see how your movables accomplish be assessed. Subject-matter Areas Selecting a matter-matter for your written tributes can be challenging, but it’s relevant to establish a regardful clarified.  Choose a matter-matter area of cause to you from the matter-matter suggestions in this resources ingredient. You accomplish use this matter-matter to total Assessments 2 and 3. Be abiding to excellent a matter-matter that accomplish be tractable for a written tribute. To scrutinize the clarified matter-matter, you should use the Socratic Problem-Solving Approach, focusing on the sections specifically designated out in the tribute conductlines. For this tribute, you accomplish discovery best practices allied to a floating sanity custody tenor. Your excellented tenor or movables accomplish be utilized intermittently in Tribute 3. To scrutinize your clarified matter-matter, you should use the pristine two steps of the Socratic Problem-Solving Approach to aid your dubious thinking.Topic 1: Limited Adit to Healthcare Short Description: Consumers visage barriers to sanitycustody adit for separated reasons. For example: due to geographic subsidence, provider availability, deportment movabless and mobility. Potential Intervention Approaches: Healthcustody counsel online Telemedicine In–home sanitycustody services Keywords for Articles: online sanity counsel seeking, sanity custody adit, sanity counsel classifications, consumer sanity counsel, constant disorder, sanity counsel quest, sanity seeking manner, verdant nursing Topic 2: Healthcustody Disparities Short Description: In 2010, the Federal Department of Human and Sanity Service (DHHS) established the Healthy Tribe 2020 designs to conceive a design to elucidate sanity inequality/disparity. Healthy Tribe 2020 defines a sanity unlikeness as “a detail character of sanity disagreement that is air-tight linked after a while gregarious, economic, and/or environinvisible helplessness. Sanity disparities counteractively move groups of tribe who own classificationatically proofd superior obstacles to sanity domiciled on their racial or ethnic group; religion; socioeconomic status; gender; age; invisible sanity; percipient, sensory, or visible disability; sexual orientation or gender identity; geographic subsidence; or other characteristics historically linked to penetration or exclusion” (Office of Disorder Prevention and Sanity Promotion, 2017, p.1). Potential Intervention Approaches: Federal designs Community sanity increase delineations Patient apology efforts “Triple Aim” for populations Keywords for Articles: sanity disparities, polity sanity tribute, polity sanity increase delineation, strategic delineationning, national sanity departments, sanity inequities Topic 3: Medication Errors Short Description: A medication fault is a preventable counteractive movables of a unrepining vestibule the evil-doing medication or dosage, whether or not it is manifest or disadvantageous to the unrepining. Medication faults can be a origin of solemn unrepining damage, including exit. Potential Intervention Approaches: Medical staff education Packaging increases Patient medication insurance training Keywords for Articles: medication government, medication faults, medication insurance Topic 4: Healthcustody Classification Errors Short Description: The sanity custody classification in the United States has been the matter of fur discuss as experts try to state the best way to pronounce high-quality custody. In Crossing the Quality Chasm, the Institute of Medicine (2001) designated for the redesign of sanity custody pronouncey classifications and their palpable environments to excite custody that is protected, movablesive, unrepining-centered, judicious, prolific, and just. Potential Intervention Approaches: Systemwide transformation Process redesign Electronic sanity records Keywords for Articles: multi-stakeholder collaboration, sanitycustody classification redesign