CMIT 320 6382 Network Security

You possess been remunerated as part of the network certainty team at UMGC.  After completing orientation and grafting, your superintendent calls you into a convocation to debate your original plan. The university has thoroughd the implementation of the leased erection in Adelphi, Maryland.  The university realizes it insufficiencys to asstrong the douceur, students, and visitors network and postulates.  With your contrast and skills, the university is looking to you for direction.  In abstracted to promotive the university asstrong its network, you are required to conquer your CompTIA Security+ certification amid 60-days of nature remunerated. As you gain resumption, the university leased erection in Adelphi, Maryland was adapted and implemented via the subjoined layout: You’ve been asked to discharge network certainty segregation and planning, asstrong the condition devices, hosts, and software; and asstrong the postulates at security and in transit.  Your deliverable should interpret the capability, design a disconnection, and excuse the disconnection.  You should frame use of the TestOut LabSim embodied to cause the lesson, and consider for CompTIA Security+ certification.  You should too frame use of other sources as required.  It is momentous that your deliverable interpret the technical issues in layman's stipulations.  Before you start, frame strong to retrospect the Network Certainty Proposal (Parts 1-3). In this letters illusion, you gain use TestOut Certainty Pro to succor you know how to test and assess network infrastructure and ignoring the CompTIA Security+ certification. In dispose to test your strengths and weaknesses, you gain original thorough the exercise exam that gain qualify you for the certification. The letters embodieds amid TestOut LabSim gain succor you know the types of vulnerabilities amid a network and how to harangue them. As you tread through each set of activities, you gain surrender a Vulnerability Assessment and Recommendation Document in three competency. Use the results of the certification exercise exam you took at the startning of the class to succor superintend you on which areas amid LabSim you should pay closer vigilance. You must thorough all online labs in TestOut LabSim; these are the activities after a while the computer mouse icon. Some of the other areas in TestOut LabSim are optional. You can thorough any or all of those if you handle you insufficiency to understand further about the topics. There are nine treads in this plan that direct you through each deliverable. Start after a while Tread 1, conquering way to TestOut Certainty Pro and enrolling in LabSim, and then endure after a while Tread 2, insertion the exercise exam.