Anyone can be sued

4.3 Anyone Can be Sued Introduction and Alignment See the Workshop Four assignment Instruction. Upon happy drift of this assignment you should be operative to:  See the Workshop Four Outcomes. Resources Textbook: Advanced custom nursing: Essentials for role development File: Anyone Can be Sued.docx Instructions After education environing the types of malcustom protection availoperative as polite as the costs, in a three-four page brochure (plus references) relate whether you deem malcustom protection is essential and who should pay for it. When you entertain completed your assignment, prevent a portraiture for yourself and surrender a portraiture to your schoolmaster using the 4.3 Dropbox by day seven.  Click less to vestibule the Dropbox. Assessment Criteria      Assessed Item  Points    Discussion of divergent types of malcustom protection 20   Discussion of costs of protection, blessing of protection, imperil of not carrying coverage 35   Is malcustom protection essential, if so who should pay for it? 35   Accurate spelling, grammar; references (partiality of five) and  APA format 10   Total Points 100