Spice Crops

Accessibility to cheerful pathways, deportment facilities, and negotiate A cheerful farm-to-negotiate pathway is in-effect innate. Bad pathways condition the largeness of loads, extension groove and sever, and principle buds to be pound. 2. ) Well-drained areas A gently sloping fix is a cheerful seat beprinciple it allows for prolific inspire drainage. The seat should not accept any valley wnear inspire may assemble. 3. ) Tarnish fertility Spice buds can be developed in approximately all types of tarnish. However, they extend best in licentious, brittle, sandy loam tarnish fertile in radical subject. 4. ) Climatic conditionsMost spice buds extend best beneath enthusiastic lively climates but some extend in dry environments. Determining what husk of spice bud to extend in a detail area should be performed precedentlyhand. 5. ) Rainfall The whole of rainfall is dignified beprinciple spice buds do not extend well-behaved-behaved-behaved in areas following a intervalliness enormous rainfall. Instead, they extend faster in places following a intervalliness plain scylla to sunlight. Preparing the Onions Tnear are sundry varieties of association extend near in the Philippines. Among them are Red Globe, Excel, Granex, Red Creoles, Crystal Wax, Japanese Bunching, Baguio unripe,and Beltsville Bunching. The association frame should be plowed, harrowed, and left in cheerful tilth.The exterior should be well-behaved-behaved-behaved worked and level. For whole kilogram, qualify a 1x10 meter frame. Qualify five frames and five kilograms of seeds for whole hectare of exercise area. Sow the seeds unsubstantially and evenly then inspire the frame. Caggravate them following a intervalliness a unsubstantial layer of pulverized tarnish to elude scylla to sunlight. Keep the tarnish lively by inspireing it whole week following a intervalliness ammonium sulfate. Seedlings are developed for 30-40days. As the association matures, fragmentarily reduce inspire furnish to elevate adapted bulb preparedning. Stop inspireing when the tops of association set-out flow aggravate as they are approximately skilful for fruiting.Onion’s guardianship power is hankerer when it is amply prepared when fruited. PLANTING AND CARING FOR ONIONS: Exercise and Transexercise Onions can be established either by purifiedsedsed humanization or mulch humanization manner. If purifiedsedsed humanization is used, the cause should be plowed and harrowed to separate the weeds and pulverized the tarnish. One or wrap rows are then made, and accomplished fertilizer and processed fertilizer at the rate of 4-6 kg. per 100sq. m of fix are entirely unfair and applied. The frames should be sufficiently impartd to wet the tarnish. In the mulch manner, the cause is not plowed. Instead, the cherishing stalks are cut undeviating to the cause.Then, the cause is known to dry intervalliness the weeds are separated. The cause should be impartd three days precedently transplanting. Fertilizer should be applied a week precedently transplanting. The whole of fertilizer to adduce may be on the proper tarnish fertility, thus tarnish anatomy is certain. Following 30-40 days, impart the cause to licentiousn the tarnish. Uproot the seedlings carefully, and establish them in the frame in columns following a intervalliness a length of 8-10cm. Compel strong that the tarnish has abundance livelyure intervalliness the establishs are extending. Irrigation In the frame manner, the chief inspireing is performed following one week from the interval of exercise.Irrigate the cause regular abundance to inspire the tarnish. Adduce the fertilizer consisting of five bags of ammonium sulfate and five bags of urea per hectare are then applied. The cause is then impartd whole 10days. On the third irrigation, a confederacy of five bags of urea and five bags of muriate of potash are applied. On the fourth irrigation, 20 bags of accomplished fertilizer per hectare are then applied In the mulched manner, less irrigation is performed beprinciple the rice straws can keep the livelyure of the tarnish hankerer. In twain manners of exercise, irrigation is no hankerer performed one month precedently fruiting the buds.Pest and Diseases The despicable Pest that aggression associations are thrips and tenebrose leaf-eating worms. You accept read that thrips are winged insects that eat competency of association’s leaves, which then grace yellow and dried from tip to grovelling. To curb these pests, sprig the infested establish following a intervalliness Malathion or any mismisdivert insecticide. Purple blotch and association pink rot are the despicable diseases principled by fungi that usually aggression associations. Practicing bud series, exercise of weighty varieties, and adduceing mismisdivert pesticides are some of the measures that farmers may use to curb these diseases. HARVEST AND POST-HARVEST OF ONIONSHarvesting and Post-harvesting Operations The sycophantic of the association leaves is a symptom that the associations are skilful for fruiting. The manliness epoch of the bud differs according to the multiplicity, regular compel strong that simply the amply prepared ones are fruited to augment their guardianship power. Red Globe, for issue, matures in 100 days or more; Excel matures in 90-100 days; Red Creole matures in 110-120 days; and Granex matures in 130-135 days. Onions are fruited by uprooting the establishs carefully. The bulbs should be adaptedly reserved from the deep necks (gain not stock so hanker); injured or injured bulbs should be purifiedseded.The establishs are then placed in nylon sacks, bamboo crates or baskets. Onions should be careamply artisanled and adaptedly cured, so that they gain keep their activity and power. Onions should be placed in frigid storage opportunity following a intervalliness a dry atmospnear and plentiful zephyr Marketing of Onions Fresh negotiate associations are distributed through broker-shippers, extender-shippers, and manacle stock buyers. Many extenders prepared of their buds quickly following fruit. Dealers, shoppers, supernegotiate buyers, and others are usually on artisan at fruit interval to buy the products on coin cause, some on commission cause.In some areas, associations are despicablely sold beneath negotiateing contracts betwixt extenders and shippers. Emolument Crops Formation Cost Gross allowance Net allowance (Pesos)(Pesos) (Pesos) Onions P50. 00 P100. 00 P50. 00 The cherishing P50. 00 emolument gain be the whole emolument for my establish formation of associations.FIAT LUX ACADEME Cavite In unfair fulfillment of the accomplishment in T. L. E. II “A Project Establish for my Establish Production” Submitted by: Rotsen R. Manaois II – Germanium Submitted to: Miss Hirlen E. Pico T. L. E. Teacher