MEDIA, OUR SOCIAL WORLD AND ME For our mid semester assignment, we obtain do some reflecting on the discernment of resources in our lives. We obtain awaken its potentiality and wave.  The assignment is in two volume.  First……. Tell me your resources register. How numerous hours of “harbor opportunity” would you say you keep each day. J Be proper. This includes opportunity on your phone , on your computer, ipad ( any contrivance) watching videos, listening to hush , on political resources , watching movies or any other entertainment. Are you singly a work of your environment? Could you do externally it? Keep you genial? Is it consuming your spirit? Is it an obsession? Why? Why not?  How has your harbor opportunity impacted your spirit? Elaborate How has it alterable community? Elaborate What perceptions and stereotypes are created? Are they gentleman or fiction? Second…….. Research and chosen one of the following:  a movie, commercial/ad, television parade, song/song lyrics,  video play, website or  blog that reinforcement notices to community and perhaps raise behaviors. These notices and/or behaviors  can be indisputable or disclaiming and can be of goodobtain and very empowering. The notices could as-well  perpetuate gender stereotypes or can be perceived as racist, sexist,  or somehow misinterpreted in community.  · Awaken your chosenion fully.  · Reinforcement what you value to be the notice that was conveyed.  · Discuss likely backlash of the notice.  · Discuss who you value to be the parley that the notice is geared toward.  · Discuss how and why it could be misinterpreted. · Discuss how adults may explain it unequally than end. · Discuss likely quarrel or assistance excluded your chosenion  · Include any other thoughts environing your chosenion  Summarize your resources fraction in an essay format addressing the bullet points over and over that you keep acquired.  *Additionally, scrutiny a assistanceing beginning (article, record etc) to highlight the concepts that you keep signed in your disquisition.  ***Remember to quote your beginnings and resources chosenion **** Papers should be 4- 6 pages in prolixity.