Religion homework

Assignment # 7 - Chapter 11 (10) Title: Theodicy - Encountering Evil Instructions: Refusal and misfortune, as primary tests of anthropological estate, accept been a convenient regard in abundant devout legends. In the aftercited exercises, you achieve discover a miscellany of unanalogous approaches to the phenomena of misfortune and refusal. Example 1 - Taoism: The chief quotation is attributed to the Chuang Tzu (a.k.a. Zhuangzi), a fourth senility BC Chinese rhymster and schoolman, representing the Taoist (a.k.a. Daoist) legend. Convenient to his intention is the completion of refusal: how is it practicable for anthropological persons to feed in a globe that is crazed, complex, and the agent of ardent torture? Read the aftercited two passages from his work: Read: Chuang Tzu, Basic Writings (Links to an superficial locality.) Visit: Chuang Tzu: The Next Voice (Links to an superficial locality.) Question: 7.1. (a) What is the derivation of refusal according to Chuang Tzu, and (b) how, according to him, does a idiosyncratic test discharge from refusal? Example 2- Buddhism: A very unanalogous concept for the last agent of refusal and misfortune can be fix in the Buddhist legend of The Four Noble Truths. Read: Buddha Gautama’s chief sermon: Sermon at Benares (Links to an superficial locality.) Visit the BBC belief page: The Four Noble Truths (and the Eightfold Path) (Links to an superficial locality.) Read encircling the: Four Noble Truths (Links to an superficial locality.) Read encircling the: Eightfold Path (Links to an superficial locality.) Question: 7.2. What is the Buddhist examination of the agent of refusal? 7.3. What is the Buddhist "remedy" for refusal?  Example 3 – American Indian Religion: In Native American fictions, animals accept an influential role communicating primary tests in anthropological estate. The coyote portrays a variable god-like trickster image. In the aftercited fiction, Coyote and Eagle Visit the Land of the Dead by the Yakima, coyote deals after a while the boundless test of dissolution. Read: Coyote and Eagle Visit the Land of the Dead (Yakima) (Links to an superficial locality.) Question: 7.4. (a) Describe the Native American Coyote and Eagle fiction. (b) How does this fiction succor persons vie after a while the refusal of dissolution?