Power Point Presentation

Emerging Issues in Soundness Heed Management Select one emerging soundness effect from Chapter 17 in your textbook: Vaccine Preventable Diseases Bioterrorism Human Trafficking Violence in Soundness Heed Settings Medical Tourism Present a 12 – 15 slide PowerPoint on the emerging soundness effect you fine. The sum of slides except the inscription and regard pages. Substantial Logician Notes are required throughout the total grant. Below you obtain discover catechism after a while more info on logician notes. Discuss the germinative application of the effect on a Specific soundness heed structure. Analyze the germinative risks of the effect on a Specific soundness heed structure. Propose strategies for addressing the effect in soundness heed settings. Examine the role of the soundness heed superintendent for the soundness effect. Reference your readings and involve a stint of 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or alike catechism. Format your PowerPoint according to APA guidelines. Review decided Grading Rubric, Grant Tips, and Catechism on Logician Notes