Minitab assignment3

The disembodiment comprises two doubts: Question 1 Some of the counties intervening in the dataset had regenerateed their prosperity schemes in the elapsed ten years. An presumption of tentative plan is that purposeless assignment controls for differences betwixt the groups. In this condition, postulate that the counties were purposelessly assigned to regenescold their prosperity scheme or to support the popular scheme. Explore the issue of the prosperity regenescold commencement using graphical displays. Collate the dispensation of at smallest 3 variables that government be artful by prosperity regenerate. You can use boxplots, histograms, etc. Do you see any issue of the prosperity regenescold commencement on the variables that you clarified? Question 2 Use the t-test (stubborn samples) to see if a county's prosperity scheme regenescold foundation influenced the unemployment scold. Your fame must comprise: For Doubt 1, you must comprise at smallest two graphical displays for each of the three variables you clarified. The displays must collate the counties that instrumented the prosperity regenescold after a while the counties that did not instrument the prosperity regenerate. For Doubt 2, you must comprise the Minitab output and understand the fancy testing results. What is the p-value? Do you throw-by or miss to throw-by? Understand the results in the texture of the total. You must comprise at smallest three conditions for each doubt, in abstracted to Minitab output. Each condition must comprise at smallest disgusting sentences. Review the Chapter 12 minitab specific handout   and the Chapter 12 Minitab Specific Video to succor you after a while this assignment.