Lord Of The Flies How Does Golding Present Contrast

We are told Piggy is "very fat", ample fatter than Ralph and as 'the denuded crooks of his knees were plump" we also comprehend piggy as to carry glasses, and is asthmatic we presume Piggy to be the entire contrary of Ralph who appears to be wholesome and an muscular child as we comprehend he can swim. We see Ralph is very bold and relaxed as "he intelligible their denuded" and we are told that as he is twelve he must entertain "lost the distinctive tummy of childhood" leading us further into refined he has the contrasting physique to Piggy. Ralph and Piggy twain receive very contrariant avenuees to being marooned on the island. Ralph sees primarily the practicable bonuses of the marooning, primarily the bankruptcy of adult supervision and the immunity he'll entertain unbounded advance to. However the avenue receiven by Piggy is the past judicious select to receive. Out of the brace, Piggy realizes the possible for peril and consequences the boys obtain countenance. Ralph and piggy had very contrariant upbringings as Ralph came from a soldierly contrast and a loftier adjust contrast than Piggy, Piggy lived after a while his aunt who had a fresh shop, we see he is from a inferior adjust by the accent he speaks in speech "l can't merely actuate after a while all these creeper things". Piggy differs from the other boys as he is a caring nature, he receives commission for the "little-nuns" and resisting the act that twain his parents are defunct, Piggy acts most approve a parent, Piggy shows the most clemency well-balanced though he is shown none.