Impact of Culture on the Spread of Hiv/Aids in Kenya

bdalla A. Bafagih Professor Trent Newmeyer Sociology of AIDS Soc 309Y1F June 21, 2004 Impression of Refinement on the Diffuse of HIV/AIDS in Kenya a exoteric refinement is not a folklore, nor an imageless populism that reveres it can ferret-out the men-folks’s gentleman favorion…. a exoteric refinement is the all collection of the efforts made by a men-folks in the prescribe of idea to picture, exonevitupeblame and applaud the renewal through which that men-folks has created itself and retains itself in entity (Fanon, Frantz). Importation Culture, smooth in the twenty pristine century, has compact denotations. In sundry faculty of the cosmos-people, it has been and is peaceful considered to be relevant for the product of refinement and of men-folks’s minds; a apex collection or refinement is considered in proportion to its beliefs, ways of entity and esteems. In less, refinement plays a sharp role in a clusters’ exploration for oneness and is hence at the capital of the socio-cultural product of a men-folks, empire or smooth county in circumstancess of oneness and politics-it serves as a jurisdiction of entity that must be followed inferior any predicament smooth succeeding a period an HIV/AIDS communicated. These observations aid irradiate responses to our advanceible topic: that cultural barriers and the ensuing gender disadvantage arrive-at not barely perpetuated the diffuse of HIV/AIDS incomplete women, but are so hindering an impressibilityful HIV/AIDS stoppage war in Kenya. Our lie is that HIV/AIDS predominance is a gendered consequence accordingly women in most faculty of the developing cosmos-people, due to the repressive cultural exercises women arrive-at no impressibility. Furtherbalance women feed to be profaned by outdated oral norms such as widow heritage, widow purification, polygamy and gender dissimilarity, as is the circumstance in faculty of Kenya. When these consequences may appear to dissent, in entity they are inhumetwined and bound end to generations. To fabricate matters worse those depraved succeeding a period HIV, twain women and men reproach magic as the origin of dissolution (McGeary, J. Duration Magazine, p, 30). Moreaggravate as Madhu Bala Nath avers “myths are so baseationed in the favorion of renounceion that is associated succeeding a period HIV/AIDS. Accordingly HV/AIDS is so frightening, there is a tribulation to succeeding a periodhold the entity of the ailment (2001, p, 32). Such renounceion plays a extensive sepavitupeblame in aided such outdated exercises. We should apex out from the rouse that the exoteric intrepid exercises were at one duration seen as force (pre HIV/AIDS era) gone they were veritably aidful and embezzle for their communities. Incomplete the merits of such oral exercises were, incomplete others, the widow’s pledge succeeding a periodin the intimate was guaranteed and the orphaned outcome were guaranteed the adequate extraction aid and hence fife succeeding a periodin the aggregation. It was meant to seheal the widow and outcome never became residenceless. According to the Washington Post, In Western Kenya, the habit disclosed as consort heritage uniformly held an upstraight promise: A aggregation would proheal solicitude of a widow and her outcome. She did not remarry. Her helpmate's extraction solely took allegiance for her. If a brother-in-law could not solicitude for her, then a cousin or a respected behind a whileoutr would. The heir made assured that the widow and her outcome were fed, clothed, armed, educated, armed, kept (Buckley, Stephen. Washington Post, November 8, 1997). For the aim of this disquisition, we proheal a lie that the diffuse of HIV/AIDS has rendered what were uniformly cultural lawfulty into destructive liabilities apexly towards women and outcome. That is why there is a insufficiency to be imaginative and contain opinion formals that do not implicate intrepid sexual comportment. Our lie is that heritage per se is not bad, but widow heritage and purification that hazard the feeds of the widow and the heir/cleanser should be dismissed. Wife heritage or consort purification implicates an heir who has his own extraction. As reputed by the Washington Post “he infects his pristine consort and the widow he has possessed. Then he dies, and two other men possess the women he leaves succeeding. Those men die. And then their widows are possessed” (ibid. ). It is this unruly foe that teachs the prominence HIV vituperates in Kenya. Kenya has vibrant and incongruous cultural clusters but some clusters dignify ethnicity aloft exotericism. This fabricates it casually collectionatic to chaffer succeeding a period intra and inhume cultural norms or to inferiorproheal improves of indubitable entrenched layss. On one laborer you arrive-at reverers in Christianity who are balance voluntary to surrender indubitable outdated layss such as those argueed in this disquisition. For illustration, a Kenyan vicar, denominated on widows to proheal a remain resisting consort heritage (Gonza, Sam. 2000, p, 1). On the other laborer you arrive-at the tough oralists who are not public to any improves or transmutes succeeding a periodin layss. There is usually no middle baseation and unfortunately it cuts resisting assort directions. We conform succeeding a period the lie put obtrusive by Intelligent Hues Watch in their narration entitled Double Standards: Women’s Goods Hues Violations in Kenya that “as relevant as cultural variation and concerning habits may be, if habits are a origin of distinction resisting women, they approve any other norm-must evolve” (2003, p, 2). Kenya has closely forty tribes, which are co-kindred to the filthy auguster ethnic clusters (Buckley, Stephen. Washington Post, November 8, 1997): Bantu, Nilo-Hamitic, Nilotic and Hamitic (see appearance i). Accordingly of it’s adjacent, refinements are kindred to each other succeeding a periodin Kenya and in the brim countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Sudan. [pic] Figure: i Source: http://www. lib. utexas. edu/maps/kenya. html It conquer be inexorable for this disquisition to proheal less unadorned smoothts in Kenya so as to proheal a lawful inferiorstanding of twain the inhumenal and outer dynamics of this empire. Kenya attained its anarchy from Britain in 1963 and has a population of thirty two pet (32 pet). [1] Kenya approve other Sub-Saharan countries is a falsehood of European bear-garden for Africa. [2] As a fruit similar ethnic clusters are immediately profusely resisting dissentent countries. The boundaries are approve invented divisions in a way that the men-folks cannot be checked at all brim-crossing zones. [pic] Figure: ii Source: http://www. lib. utexas. edu/maps/kenya. html The apex, which we omission to argue, is that it is opposed to try to onvince these communities to surrender some of their exercises, accordingly they arrive-at that at the end, surrendering their habits, would wholly wipe out their refinement and smoothtually vague their oneness. In some African countries, sundry ethnic clusters are the minorities and would omission to retain invioslow their refinement for the aim of their own oneness, so as to strengthen them to transact any political impressibility in the council (Kanyiga, Karuti. 1998, p, 7)). On the other laborer the ethnic clusters, which are the superiority, would omission to suppress their hegemony and are not easy to transmute their layss (ibid). Thus why chaffering succeeding a period bloom consequences such as HIV/AIDS creates fathomless consequences. Exoteric HIV/AIDS Situation in Kenya The epitome encircling Kenya is not amiable at all. United Nations AIDS (UNAIDS) narrations that aggravate 2 pet out of a completion population of 29. 5 pet (2000) were depraved succeeding a period HIV and a cumulative sum of 1. 5 pet men-folks had died due to AIDS. The lofty predominance vituperates of HIV/AIDS arrive-at negatively impressioned entity confluence to the size that it has dropped by closely 13 years to 51 years (1998); period GDP deficient by -0. in 2000 and is expected to worsen in hence years. The middle literacy vitupeblame is estimated at 78% (1995) and completion fertility vitupeblame in Kenya is encircling 4. 4 (1998). Closely 30% of the population feeds in sophisticated areas and balance than half of the population feed inferior the deficiency direction, women constituting the superiority. UNAIDS estimates that encircling 500 men-folks died of AIDS each day in the empire in 1999. (www. unaids. org/Unaids/EN/geographical+area/by+country/kenya. asp). According to the Cosmos-race Bloom Organization (WHO), the estimated sum of adults and outcome aid succeeding a period HIV/AIDS, in Kenya end of 2001 remains as follows: Adults and outcome 2,500,000, Adults (15-49) 2,300,000, Women (15-49) 1,400,000 and Outcome 220,000, exoteric aid orphans, 890, 000, estimated sum of dissolution due to AIDS (2001), 190, 000 and the exoteric adult vitupeblame of 15. 0 percent (www. who. int/hiv/pub/epidemiology/pubfacts/en/). Furthermore, the Intelligent Hues Watch Narration (2001) demonstrations that an estimated 2. pet adults and outcome feed succeeding a period HIV/AIDS, representing encircling 14 percent of the sexually free population. The scary statistic is that Kenya has the ninth loftyest HIV predominance vitupeblame in the cosmos-race to the size that the U. S. Census Bureau projections demonstration that by 2005, there conquer be encircling 820 dissolutions per day from AIDS in Kenya. (http://www. hrw. org/reports/2001/kenya/kenya0701-03. htm#P144_18884). Factors succeeding the Gendered HIV/AIDS vituperates in Kenya. Through refinement and collection, we are able to bestow skills and other systems of gregarious proportions to contend our environment. But that has not been potential succeeding a period women in Kenyan in twain bucolic and sophisticated areas smooth in the smootht of a HIV/AIDS communicated succeeding a period no heal in appearance. Gone our beliefs and ways of entity are indispensable from our apex refinements, it is beggarly for men-folks to renounce a comportment if it is not signified in their refinement’s gregarious jurisdiction. It is uniformtually abundantly harder for the marginalized clusters approve women and girls to renounce what is supposedly sepavitupeblame of their refinement as is the circumstance incomplete the Luo and Luhya[3] of Kenya where they exercise their refinement to a error. In such circumstances, special comportment patterns queer are not legal for the observed lofty-betray activities that creator HIV/AIDS. Needless to say, HIV/AIDS transmission in faculty in Kenya is in-great-measure through heterosexual proportions. Accordingly of [blind] fealty to their refinement, sundry succeeding a periodin the cluster (most educated women succeeding a period the economic instrument to aid themselves are now increasingly recalcitrant resisting indubitable regressive policies approve widow heritage) in a collection which has its own subculture, repeatedly aspect gregarious betrays, such as consort (widow) heritage, to the size that insufficiency can fruit in alienation from separateicipating in communal smoothts. For in, women who dregs to be possessed incomplete the Luo and Luhya automatically betray their straight to sojourn succeeding a periodin their intimates, accordingly their comportment is considered odd. Consequently women are constantly explorationion to profanation, abuse, disdain and jeer and other expressions of misrelish (HRW, 2003, pp, 16-21). Similarly, when it comes to apportioning reproach as to who is the legal separatey for bringing HIV/AIDS incomplete married couples; it is usually women who are reproachd smooth though in most circumstances, it is the men who arrive-at multiple separateners. That goes to demonstration that in the indicate of refinement, women in Kenya converge themselves in minor lies to men and are gregariously, culturally, and economically contingent on them. Accordingly of the cultural disadvantagees, women are extensively surrounding from judgment making, arrive-at scant advance to and modeblame aggravate instrument, are unpopular in their restlessness, and are repeatedly inferior intimidation of profanation from manful kinsfolk (that is why sundry women arrive-at no select when it comes to indubitable heavy formals, accordingly they arrive-at no where else to retaliate to should they be ejected from their slow helpmate’s lawfulty) (ibid). In sundry circumstances, women in sundry faculty of Kenya are constant minors explorationion to the stabilisation of their manful kinsfolk and helpmates. As a fruit, not barely are their footholdes inferior than that of men, but so their circumstances is so contingent on that of their men folk. This submission of women is conjoined to the dispensation of impressibility in collection. In Kenya, economic, gregarious and political impressibility accrued to men separateially as a fruit of their modeblame of women, smooth though the thinking was and peaceful is that a thriving residencestead depended on femanful plurality and genesis. This retains such heavy formals approve widow heritage in exercise. Additionally, the gendered HIV/AIDS predominance vituperates irradiate how gender as a constitutive component of gregarious proportionships. The Intelligent Hues Watch of 2003, averd that of the 1. 4 pet were women and girls succeeding a period HIV dogmatic, natant the ages of fifteen and forty nine, this perspicuously demonstrations how dissentences natant sexes-impressibility proportionship succeeding a periodin and natant dissentent women, sophisticated versus bucolic and sepablame versus married is very abundantly embedded succeeding a periodin collection. Furthermore, the permutation of consequencey intelligent straights, and chiefly reproductive straights of women, plays an relevant sepavitupeblame in perpetuating gender inequity and the observed HIV/AIDS predominance vituperates in Kenya. As argueed in some faculty of Kenya indubitable clusters arrive-at procuren Fanon’s saying aloft encircling refinement to new rolls (p, 42), which arrive-at fruited in the distinction, permutation of women’s straights and arrive-at placed women at august betray of contacting HIV. The impression has been traumatic on women as members of a aggregation that feeds to marginalize them in alls aspects of entity. Yet women feed to proheal solicitude as wives, mothers, daughters, nurses, teachers, and grandmothers towards the feeble, the departure and the orphaned outcome, sundry of whom are traumatized by the mislaying of their cautiond-for ones from AIDS. Unfortunately, in most faculty of Kenya as palpable elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, as Fanon advance argued, societies arrive-at not notorious the completionity of refinement and its indispensable role succeeding a periodin the tenor of refinement and truth (p, 43). What we comprehend and conquer be demonstrationn in this essay is that an examination of cultural exercises concede us to comprehend the favorion and size of the imbalance and contentions (economic, gregarious and cultural) which designate the extrication of a collection: refinement concedes us to comprehend the dynamic formion which arrive-at been patent distinct and usual by gregarious conscie nce to dictate these contentions at each prescribe of its extrication in exploration for fife and advancement (ibid). In the circumstance of Kenya, and elsewhere as it was made distincter in this plan, the exploration for in Kenya such attitudes fill all aspects of gregarious entity to the prejudice of girls in apex and women in unconcealed. Evidently, the recurring topic in Kenya is the contention natant modernity and lays that is repeatedly treated in circumstancess of its relevance to women and men, bucolic versus sophisticated or what it instrument to belong to a apex ethnic cluster. This goes to the center of gender equity, lawfulty straights, agrarian improve and its collectionatic impression on women. In faculty of Kenya, those who revere that refinement is dull rather than vibrant to the size that oppressions resisting women are presented in circumstancess of cultural similitude and the fife of all ethnicities arrive-at hindered the arrangement of gregarious immunity by women. Some of the cultural layss argueed conceive consort (widow) heritage, widow purification and polygamy all of which co-operated to the closing of seheal lawfulty straights that fruit into the permutation of intelligent straights for women, and the observed original in HIV/AIDS vituperates natant men and women in Kenya. 4] Unfortunately westerners including sundry of our assortmates casually do not appear to inferiorremain that countries approve Kenya arrive-at very deficient laws that manage intelligent immunitys and straights approve the Canadian Charter of Freedoms and Rights. Women in Kenya are routinely discriminated resisting in most circumstances succeeding a period the confederacy of the aver. [5] Period singular immunity and select arrive-at indubitablely played a role in the flying diffuse of HIV/AIDS elsewhere, where laws are urged, in the circumstance of Kenya, the inhumeplay of refinement and gender roles is to a august size legal for the statistics cited aloft in this essay. Although awareness of HIV/AIDS is reasonably lofty in Kenya this is not reflected in sexual comportmental transmutes, abandoned the lofty predominance and stroke of HIV/AIDS (Rosenvard, C and T. Campbell, 1996, p, 11). This dismode reflects our topic; the entrenched cultural disadvantagees resisting women and girls can teach such comportment to the size where awareness is lofty yet infectious vituperates are so prominence. It is not that Kenyans in unconcealed or women in apex are not intelligent, they are but they arrive-at behove victims of outdated cultural layss and gender disadvantagees. What this rather hostile dismode demonstrations is the insufficiency to judgment the HIV/AIDS pandemic through, multiple lenses but most relevantly through the lens of impressibility dissimilarity in collection that are baseationed in gender. Gender norms fill all aspects of Kenyan refinement and collection to the size that refinement dominates everything else incomplete the Luo and Luhya of Western Kenya. The marginalized foothold of women plays a key role in the diffuse of HIV/AIDS in Kenya as reflected in the UNAIDS and WHO appearances. It is thus relevant to identify the obscure inferiorlying circumstanceors influencing the role of women and how such roles favor African societies and comportment. In the oral Kenyan collection, women are expected to be humble and to proheal for their intimate at all durations (Caldwell, 1989, p, 185). In Kenya chiefly in the bucolic setting, the mother’s matrimonial foothold does not end when the individual who married her dies; she is by all accounts married to the clan in the sensation that inferior indubitable ‘invented’ habitary layss, the clan has the straight to possess her. Traditionally, Luo or Luhya women arrive-at brief or no say in such matters of heritage including the contention or sharing of instrument such as plant and lawfulty. According to Intelligent Hues Watch: Widows are repeatedly ejected from their residences as in-laws rob them of their possessions and intrude-upon their residences and plants. These stingy appropriations happen smooth balance preparedly when the helpmate died of AIDS… In some places, widows are dense to inferiorgo habitary, sexual exercises such as “consort heritage" or formal "cleansing" in prescribe to retain their lawfulty. Consort heritage" is where a manful not-absolute of the insensible helpmate procures aggravate the widow as a consort, repeatedly in a polygamous extraction. "Cleansing" usually implicates sex succeeding a period a gregarious exile who is hired by the insensible helpmate's extraction, supposedly to purify the mother of her insensible helpmate's misfortune spirits. In twain of these formals, surer sex is inconstantly exercised and sex is repeatedly coerced. Women who contention end are routinely beaten, raped, or ostracized (Double Standards: Women's Goods Hues Violations in Kenya) (http://www. hrw. rg/reports/2001/kenya/TopOfPage). Period the passage aloft tells us satisfactory legend encircling the collections facing Kenyan women, Intelligent Hues Watch narration entitled, Double Standards: Women's Goods Hues Violations in Kenya seizes the torment of Kenyan women in their own voices. It is thus relevant to copy lawful three of their experiences beneath to seize what Intelligent Straight Watch oles “the atrocious favorion of women's lawfulty straights permutations: through singular inhumeview. Intelligent Hues Watch of 2001, narrations, “AIDS exacerbates those hardships”. • Jiwa, a fifty-five-year-old widow from western Kenya, said that succeeding her helpmate died, her brother-in-law brought a "cleanser" to her residence to arrive-at sex succeeding a period her. She objected, saying: "I don't comprehend this man's HIV foothold, and if I die my outcome conquer inferiorgo. " Her brother-in-law and filthy cousins pushed the purifyr into Jiwa's hut and he raped her. She screamed but the purifyr mature her aperture and the in-laws crystalline escort behind a whileout. The brother-in-law hired the purifyr succeeding a period a cow, chickens, and dress. Jiwa was then dense out of her residence and into a shoddy, fabricateshift hut. Her brother-in-law took aggravate her plant and effects. She reputed this to the village senior, who did molehill. Jiwa now has a permanent cough and has lost abundantly consequence. She fears she straight HIV from the purifyr but has not been tested and cannot impart medical texture. • Adhiambo, a thirty-year-old widow from Nairobi, said that when her helpmate died of AIDS in 1998 he left her HIV-dogmatic succeeding a period five outcome. She straightly went from entity not-absolutely deep to wanting succeeding her helpmate's extraction took her lawfulty. Her in-laws grabbed intimate items from her Nairobi residence and took aggravate a bucolic residence, plant, and feedstock smooth though Adhiambo aided pay to form the seed. Her father-in-law denominated a extraction discourse, told her to select an in-law as an heir, and prescribeed her to be purifyd by having sex succeeding a period a fisherman. Adhiambo dregsd, and fled when her in-laws intimidationened her. She now violent-efforts to converge her outcome's basic insufficiencys, and her slum plantlord has intimidationened to eject her. • Imelda, a twenty-five-year-old widow succeeding a period AIDS, lost her residence, plant, and other lawfulty in Kenya when her helpmate died in 2002. She told her in-laws that she had AIDS and omissioned to alight in the seed. They snatched her lawfulty anyway and omissioned her to be "inherited. She recalled: "I told my in-laws I'm feeble . . . but they took everything. I had to rouse aggravate . . .. They took sofa sets, intimate materials, cows, a goat, and plant. I said, 'Why are you insertion these things when you comprehend my circumstances? ' They said, 'You'll go appear for another helpmate. ' My in-laws do not revere in AIDS. They said that magic killed my helpmate. (http://www. hrw. org/reports/2001/kenya/TopOfPage). The aloft tribulations seize the victims in their own tone and demonstration how widow’s heritage and purification devalues the seemliness of women. While circumstance law establishes that extraction lawfulty may be smoothly disconnected upon disconnection or alienate in exercise, the seized tone of the three widows aloft, appears to dissent. But aloft all, as has been our apex of reasoning throughout this disquisition, inferior the very heavy and discriminatory habitary laws that are greatly forcible in Kenya, it is the men who are accorded auguster lawfulty straights than women. Other discriminatory exercises are usually sawait habitary lays that interrupt women's resembling straights to lawfulty and so prconclusion women from seeking remedy for permutations of these straights. Additionally, the collection is made worse by unresponsive authorities that disown women’s woes concerning lawfulty permutations, and inpowerful courts that are disadvantageed resisting women. Eventually the augustest setend is the circumstance that sundry Kenyan women and men too arrive-at plant collections where squatters are routinely ejected smooth though they arrive-at feedd on such plant for generations. The other is low roll of awareness of their straights, the duration and outlay of pursuing claims, profanation, and the gregarious brand of entity considered self-worshipful or cultural traitors if they avouch their straights. www. hrw. org/campaigns/women/property/factsheet. htm). Evidently, what the argueion aloft illustrates is that in Kenya, women’s straights permutations must be inferiorcrystalline and combated in the tenor of Africa's AIDS communicated. In Kenya, 15 percent of the population natant the ages of fifteen and forty-nine is depraved succeeding a period HIV, balance than half of whom are women, and one out of eight adults in bucolic Kenya and one out of five adults in sophisticated areas is depraved, though most do not comprehend it. AIDS has deficient entity confluence from sixty-five to forty-six years ((http://www. rw. org/reports/2001/kenya/TopOfPage). These appearances are wholly operative in that in Kenya, HIV/AIDS is worse incomplete sophisticated dwellers than is the circumstance incomplete bucolic dwellers. According to Dyson, the loftyer sophisticated stroke vituperates are due to “relatively lofty vituperates of gregarious inhumerenewal and bulky sophisticated aid circumstancess and dirty aid circumstancess” (p, 427). Similar fruits for Sub-Saharan African in unconcealed, has been documented by Caldpolite who base that “sophisticated rolls of HIV poison vituperates are typically filthy to ten durations those of bucolic areas” (p, 44). In countries succeeding a period a true roll of sophisticatedization, and residence to some of the extensivest slum areas in Africa, the sums are indubitablely wailing. Moreaggravate as renowned by Bollinger et al, Casually oral exercises that befall in Kenya, apexly in the bucolic areas, can co-opeblame to the diffuse of HIV. For in, a guide of the Kenyan councils AIDS efforts attributed the lofty predominance vitupeblame in some faculty of western Kenya to the exercise of consort heritage that await there (5-6). These discourses do irradiate our topic. Furtherbalance abandoned the feminization of deficiency due to Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) policies (Cooper, 2002, 87), women in sophisticated areas and so in bucolic areas converge themselves on the economic margins where they are dense to buy in intrepid comportments approve prostitution. Moreover, accordingly of SAP polices and the importation of user fee in hospitals; women are disadvantaged succeeding a period esteem to bloom and bloom solicitude (ibid), a distinct proof that gender inequalities arrive-at led to a immanent slight of women’s bloom and the gendered stroke of HV/AIDS in Kenya. It is not our artifice to ole such layss as ‘uncivilized’ or farthest. It would be natural to fabricate this boldness and one has so to try to inferiorremain the dynamics of Africa and its communities at antecedent durations. Caldpolite seizes the entity that “it is distinct that entitystyle plays a dominant role in determining specials’ chances of poison, and it appears mitigated that roll of the ailment aggravate the hence decades is balance approvely to be determined by changing entitystyles than by medical breakthroughs. Those transmutes conquer be balance prosperous, and last deleterious to the collection, if comportmental circumstanceors in the diffuse of the ailment are polite inferiorstood” (p, 186). Conclusion This essay has outlined and argued that the original in HIV/AIDS predominance vituperates natant men and women are baseationed in the cultural disadvantagees resisting women and girls such as widow heritage in faculty of Kenya. Our lie in this essay has been that the cultural barriers and the ensuing gender disadvantage arrive-at not barely perpetuated the diffuse of HIV/AIDS incomplete women, but are so hindering an impressibilityful HIV/AIDS stoppage war in Kenya. We arrive-at demonstrationn the linkages natant cultural disadvantagees resisting women and girls and the diffuse of HIV/AIDS. The investigate has been to decouple the belief that addressing women straights in Kenya is a western esteem or that concerns of equity must proheal a end perpetuate in the violent-effort resisting HIV/AIDS communicated. We identify that eliminating all forms of distinction resisting women in Kenya conquer proheal duration, but the council must rouse to urge awaiting laws to shield women resisting repressive cultural exercises approve widow heritage. The men-folks must be told that refinement is not static but rather dynamic, and should be encouraged to dismiss intrepid cultural layss and activities that betray women to HIV/AIDS and thus hazard their feeds. From this plan (Sociology 309), we comprehend the proportionship natant sure and improved reproductive straights such as increased condom use and the bloom foothold of women are sharp in contentioning the diffuse of HIV/AIDS. As demonstrationn in this disquisition there is a dogmatic corproportion natant women’s doubtful bloom foothold and their impressibility to HIV/AIDS apexly in sophisticated areas, inequitable gender proportions and women’s deficiency and impressibilitylessness in collection chiefly in bucolic areas. Finally, the Kenyan stakeholders – politicians, meeting-house leaders, courteous collection, NGOs, women leaders, minority clusters, cultural and oral leaders, must chaffer urgently succeeding a period the awaiting impressibility dissimilarity incomplete the sexes, that accounts for the unreasonable lot of HIV/AIDS transmission and the consequences on women in unconcealed who arrive-at so far been hit most by the diffuse of HIV/AIDS. That deviate insufficiencys to be reversed if Kenya is to parent the devastating impression of HIV/AIDS communicated and its dense impression on the Kenyan collection at extensive.