Hemingway’s story (humanities class)

Write a 150 tidings confutation to each of the argument posts. 1. In Hemingway's incident encircling the cat, symbols likeness up everywhere in the constituent, including the cat, the rain, the woman's haircut, the war figure, and past. So, you should prove at meanest three symbols that enlighten how/why the intercommunity betwixt the married cockney seems to be hesitating -- is Hemingway hinting that the womanish stamp exhibits a set of desires that may go unnoticed by her wife? And why does the padrone constitute her feel so ... warm, as if "supremely important"? 2. Hemingway's incident encircling the cafe seems to procure establish during a space of war (how do we understand?), in which a generational engagement betwixt the boyish and old waiter reveals a estrangement in attitudes and values. Why do you deem the boyisher waiter seems to mistreat the old man, and why does that customer appropriate to scrutinize a well-lit cafe, then sit in the shadows? And what does his impotency and recite of memory hint encircling his establish in the universe? Is this a incident encircling empathy in a space of vivid hostility? Lastly, if a idiosyncratic who is a nihilist believes in trifle (yet, in doing so, creates a avowal order), then what is ironic encircling the older waiter injecting "nada" into the Lord's Prayer, and how energy that integrate to the shadows in which the old man sits?