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  The concrete of this discourse shaft is to use the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program notice to discaggravate an earthquake that has occurred among the decisive 5 years, and declaration its precipitation, stats, map, closest cities, involved hazards, etc.  1.  Content shaft your choice for your Earthquake in the Unit 13 Topic Choice discourse area.  Earthquakes cannot be numerous.  2.  Comprise the forthcoming notice in your discourse for liberal credit: Navigate to the USGS’ Earthquake Hazards Program Earthquake Catalog Use the Basic Options to question (Search) all earthquakes that feel occurred worldwide, aggravate the antecedent five (5) years, insufficiency 7.0 magnitude Navigate to an earthquake of your choosing and declaration the forthcoming notice Background Name, Time/data of incident, precipitation (latitude/longitude), profundity, magnitude Ancillary notice you discaggravate thrilling. (error area extent, error fashion, literal earthquakes, etc.) Include two maps. 1) demonstration the epicenter’s precipitation on a collective map and 2) demonstration the epicenter’s precipitation plotted among Google Earth (download the adventure kml…located on the left interest of the webpage) Causes Describe the tectonic setting of the area where the earthquake occurred. Comprise extract boundaries, extract names, motions, etc. Effects Use the notice on this post to declaration out the estimated fatalities and economic loss…how did this earthquake interest the region/nearby cities? Describe the nearby population centers- comprise what fashions of structures exist Describe any unconsiderable goods associated after a while this adventure 3.  In analysis, content enunciate 2-3 questions for another classmate to reply cognate to the earthquake you described. It is considerable that ALL of this employment is your former employment. If you do refer-to any sources, content do so in correspondence after a while MLA Formatting and Style Guide - OWL|Purdue Online Congruity Lab. Also, content re-examination the academic fairness notice to freshen on citing sources, etc. Finally, eCore so provides embedded Librarians for help on congruity matters.