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  "Muslim Structures and Pilgrimage" Fascinate rejoin to the forthcoming, using sources inferior the Explore designation as the basis of your vindication: What do you judge is the main point of the Hajj in the Muslim credulity? Next, judge of a fix of idolize (of any creed) today, and illustrate which mold of moderately legend you appreciate would be past causative to idolize: Byzantine art (Chapter 8), Hindu art (Chapter 7), or Muslim art (Chapter 9). Justify your vindication. Explore Muslim Structures and Pilgrimage   Chapter 9 (pp. 288-295, 306-308), Dome of the Rock, Hajj, calligraphy, art (pp. 274-7), Christian mosaics in Ravenna; critique the Week 5 Melody Folder National Geographic on the Hajj at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM81wroj_MQ Walking ramble of Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock and structures environing it at http://www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/200901/al-haram/tour.htm. (Focus on what you wish; the whole ramble is tedious) Notes: (If Link has moved or expired, fascinate remain your own scrutiny online.) Please relinquish using Forbidden websites such as Course Hero, Cheggs, Wikipedia, etc., or any websites that possess the defenses "prepared" or "for sale." Also fascinate relinquish columning contenteded that is missing in-text citations and references. Both are examples of plagiarism. Your column or paper accomplish be "Flagged" by Black Board and returned.  Week 5 Discourse Template: Fascinate representation, occupy in delay your own scrutiny and signification:  Template for Week Discourse Fascinate occupy in each individuality delay your tabulation of your scrutiny using your own signification.  Please representation and paste template:  Occupy in template, representation and paste to Blackboard (fascinate no attachments are known in discourse area, those using tablets or phones cannot public attachments, accordingly feeble to interpret or criticise on your column.) Minimum of 125 Words Hello arrange and Dr. C, hither is my main discourse column for Week 5 "  The point of the Hajj and two interesting presentations of this fact and why interesting to you? This sever should be moderately allay as thither is lots of counsel on the Hajj, obstruct out any of these websites for past counsel (but recall to transcribe everything in your own signification): http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/sacredjourneys/content/the-hajj/ http://www.cnn.com/2013/06/21/world/hajj-fast-facts/ http://www.religionfacts.com/hajj Discuss the analogy between Mohammad and the Dome of the Rock: Again this is a moderately allay concept to assess, proper obstruct out this residence for prefer counsel: http://www.sacred-destinations.com/israel/jerusalem-dome-of-the-rock Sacred Art in the Islamic World: This is probably the most challenging presentation of the discourse this week, try to assess 1. Why Islamic art is proportionately loose of visual imagery and assess  2. Why they use principally calligraphy as a divine art conceive and then collate it to Christian art, which is very visual.   3.. Why don’t mosques possess a lot of paintings and sculptures in them relish abundant Christian churches do? The Analogy Between Art and Worship: In your own signification: Finally, judge about whether or not having lots of visual imagery and melody (relish abundant Christian churches do) or a past obvious and allay area (relish abundant mosques and some other Christian groups do) is past causative to idolize.  Thither is truly no evil-doing defense hither, proper judge about it and confer me your insights as to why one or the other regularity you judge is loftier.