destination presentation

Assignment 2: Point Presentation  Before initiation this assignment, you should thoroughly revisal PowerPoint Introduction Creation; Enhancing Presentations delay Pictures, Transitions, Objects, Backgrounds, and SmartArt from your plan textbook, Go! All in one: Computer concepts and applications ( For this assignment you obtain use Microsoft PowerPoint to fashion a introduction environing a establish to which you bear journeyed or would love to journey. Begin by hole a new Microsoft PowerPoint rasp. Save it as LastnameFirstInitial_M5_A2.ppt. The introduction should embrace at smallest six slides that could define the residuum, the course of journey, the qualities of the residuum that shape it animated or fun, the establishs you can mark, and any cultural activities in which you energy love to join-in. Choose an withhold topic, slide layouts, and pictures to format the introduction attractively. Research the residuum and embrace well cited (APA Style) embodied. Here is a noticeable means you can use to meet counsel environing establishs in the US and all balance the earth. (Be apprised that the automatic citation generator for this site uses MLA name and not APA.) Add (portraiture and paste) a chart or graph you can fashion in Microsoft Excel. This could be a journey budget. Add (portraiture and paste) a board you can fashion in Microsoft Word. This could be a daily schedule. Include a References slide at the end. Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum PointsSubmitted a PowerPoint introduction at smallest six slides hanker environing a journey point.35Chose an withhold topic, slide layouts, and pictures to format the introduction attractively45Included a chart or graph fashiond in Microsoft Excel.55Included a board fashiond in Microsoft Word55Included well cited (APA Style) learning environing the residuum.45Included a (APA Style) References slide.45Used appropriate language and spelling.20Total:300