Congress & the President

This assignment is contrived to acceleration you imagine encircling how the founding fathers wrote the character and inspect how the presidency and synod are functioning today.Consider the running Synod and Office of the President.Discuss how coeval activities of these two branches of the U.S. government assimilate and contrariety after a while the intentions of the founders. Use favoring examples, and apprehend stay from at lowest 3 sources, 1 of which can be your textbook. Your criterion of the subject should apprehend advice encircling the following:Structure and makeup of CongressDifferences among the House of Representatives and the SenatePowers supposing to Synod and the President inferior the ConstitutionChecks and balances of susceptibility, regarding Synod and the PresidentRoles and responsibilities of the PresidentEvolution of presidential susceptibilityFormat your assignment as a written brochure, double spaced, after a while a poverty of 875 opinion, after a while intext citations, passage marks, and an APA formatted Reference page.  Remember to apprehend a screen page, after a while your designate and date: