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Kenya Taxi is a slight defiant taxi union permitted in a greater city. Kenya Taxi owns 25 taxis which it schisms out to drivers on an annual foundation. Each walk is effectively schismed out to three drivers to meet three 8 hour changes in a day: accordingly there are 75 taxi drivers bigoted to Kenya Taxi at any attached spell.   Kenya Taxi is a advantageous union consequently it has built up a amiable letter locally, and there is constantly a indecision schedule of drivers unendowed to dedicate to schism a walk. Each driver pays an annual schismal fee in degree to Kenya Taxi giving them use of a walk for 8 hours a day perfect day of the year. In analysis to the annual schismal, Kenya Taxi takes 5% of the capital a driver earns perfect week.  Kenya Taxi is chargeable on for taxing, insuring and maintaining the walks. If a walk is due for a employment or needs to be mended Kenya Taxi contacts a garage and arranges it. Kenya Taxi keeps an statement of the mend and employment costs for each walk. At the end of each change drivers impart the capital they keep earned to Kenya Taxi. If they needed to refuel the walk, they so refer an outlay vindication at the end of the change. At the end of perfect week Kenya Taxi calculates the equality due to each driver domiciled on the capital earned from fares, the outlay vindications, and the abatement of 5%. The drivers are then remunerated. Draw a DFD from the title aloft